Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sentinels of Terra ( Supplement Review)

     Okay, so a bit of a break from blogging as most of my shifts this last week we're 10-12 hours long and I had school and whatnot. So not a lot of hobby time sadly. But now it's a new week and I want to give my thoughts on the Sentinels of Terra supplement that was released Saturday! I would like to start by saying I think it's awesome, and will elaborate from there.

     First off with all supplements the main thing is the fluff. People complained about Black Legion because it didn't "Fix" the Chaos Space Marines. That's not what these are intended for though, so getting past the fact you may be able to enjoy these books. The Sentinels of Terra expands on the fluff of the Imperial Fist, mainly the third company from the training of Lysander to the Fall of Malodrax and the 13th black crusade of Abaddon.

     The main portion of the fluff though starts with a focus on Lysander's hatred for the Iron Warriors due to his capture on Malodrax. This makes him go all zealot mode and start kicking Iron Warrior's left and right when one day his old nemesis shows up to cause problems. Lysander hunts Shon'tu to Taladorn and engages the Iron Warriors on the ground with what ends up costing the Imperial Fist, mainly the third company, a lot of legionaries. This causes the 3rd companies acting captain, Sergeant Garadon, to complain to higher management and getting Lysander a temporary demotion to third company commander to fix the thing he broke and send him on a crusade against some orks.

    As most stories seem to have, there is a happy ending with Shon'tu defeated, Garadon now officially the 3rd company captain, and some new guy is the chapter master cuz Vladmir Pugh died. Lysander was suppose to be made chapter master by Pugh who wanted to step down. But after Pugh died, Lysander didn't feel he war ready for the position and let it pass to Vorn Hagen of the 5th company.

     The rules aren't anything to major in my opinion. The 3rd company uses "Lysander's Bolter Drill" instead of that used by other companies. This however is really awesome because instead of re rolling 1's you get to reroll 1's and 2's if your within half of the bolter weapons full range. Other rules involve taking Devastator Centurions as Elites and Heavy Support, and taking Assault Centurions as either Elite or Fast Attack. Just in case you wanted to fill a 2K list with the things! Also 1 tactical squad can have it's Sergeant upgraded to Garadon for 75 points. Garadon has a power fist, his pistol (Spartean), and normal other wargear but he has a captains stat line. Sadly to prevent this from being crazy OP, he also moves the squad to a HQ slot.

Warlord Traits:
     Lysander keeps his Warlord trait from the SM codex, Garadon has no set trait. This means you get to roll on the table for him, and oh what a table it is. Roll a 6 and get a free Orbital Bombardment shot (same one chapter masters have) or Roll a 2 to give him It Will Not Die. All the warlord traits revolve around killing or defending fortifications or being offensive or defensive. The main issue with this table is if you get a offensive trait for a game your using a strategy around defense, then it won't be of as much use. Also the traits further promote the Imperial Fist player using fortifications because dang it Dorn loves his castles.

    The Relics are probably the most interesting thing in the book from the standpoint in fluff. All the 3rd companies characters are named and represented in fluff, but how do we make rules for characters with out making a bunch of characters? Make a piece of wargear that belongs to that person! The only difference between Garadon and a normal captain is his pistol, the Spartean which is a bolt pistol with master crafter and ignores cover. The rules for what would make each of the Companies leaders special are attached to their weapons. A chaplain only crozuis, a Librarian only set of bones to carry around, a standard, Garadons pistol, and a extra special Auspex used by the company techmarine. Given these you can represent any character in the book and the ongoing story! It's awesome, and I hope they do this with more of the chapters/companies/legions.

    Planet strike was built for these guys to have stratagems. It's a siege enthusiastic army. Other then that I haven't really had a good chance to look at these.

Alter of War:
     3 generic missions you can play with your Sentinels of Terra against any opponent and I 5 more representing the major battles from Teledorn to Malodrax. If you ever wanna play a mini campaign you could probably use this.

Overall I really enjoy this book and I intend to do more reviews of things like this as well as getting more game reviews out! I might Review SoB but I might also wait until Iron Hands supplement or Codex: Inquisition.

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