Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sisters of Avelorn painting

     Finally got up the motivation today to start working on my fantasy army again. I don't use it often but I'd like to start playing WFB more.  Also the Sisters of Avelorn are some of my favorite models from the newer High Elf range. They fit the role of Silvermoons "Rangers" in my army very nicely. The above picture shows my progress from when I started today, getting the bases colored and all the browns done.

Random shot of some banners I've been free handing.
Not really as nice as I'd like, so will probably clean them
up some later.

Next on the sisters I moved onto painting the green parts
of the armour. Going along each model with one color is a
lot faster then just doing them one at a time. I think.

Gave the group leader her bow. Just need to paint the helm
on the base now.

All ranked up! Just need to touch them up and add the
bows. The bows are all based yellow and just need  the
orange and red to look more fiery.

     After these I plan to paint the other 14 swordsmen of Hoeth I have. I like the plastic models that come with the starter for them and they look cool painted as Silvermoon "Blood Knights". The only thing that might fit the role better is the Phoenix Guard, which someday I might get more of. But right now I want more archers.

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