Monday, October 7, 2013

Space Marine Centurions

     So since I haven't posted in a while I best post something now. Last Tuesday I picked up a box of Centurions to equip with Grav-cannons/amps because I'm sick to death of dealing with Chaos Terminators and Obliterators and as far as I know these can help put some pain on those. Also I wanted the models because I think they look cool. The pictures in this post are taken slowly over the course of several days as my arm is still in the later stages of healing. But enough talk! pictures!

One thing you will notice is these sprues are packed full.
I only used the grav weapons so all the Heavy bolters, melta's,
flamers, lascannons, and drills are all still available for future
conversion fodder. The melta guns and flamers can easily be
held by a marine as well, so if you need weapons for

How the space marine wears the suit. Seeing this it makes
more sense.

Another angle of legs.

Size of model compared to a Sternguard, these guys
are big.

Random body half built.

Size comparison shots again! This time with a terminator
as well.

Bigger shoulders mean better marine!!!!

All units built and primed. The waist and shoulder pads
aren't glued so it's easier to paint.

The yellowing...

Sergeant done. Accidentally put Hurricane Bolters on him,
he was suppose to get missiles while other guys go bolters.

Squad finally starting to look finished.

Done! mostly... Still need wash and more transfers.
Random detailing stuff.
     Apart from taking a while to paint, I enjoyed building these and can't wait to test them. Next box I get though I will have to try and magnetize them so I can alternate through all the options they come with. So many bits I don't know if I'll ever use....

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