Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To much painting to little time....

     To say I have a lot of models to paint would be an understatement. I have about 1000 points of High elves, 6 Leman Russ tanks, a basalisk, DKoK command squad, Vulkan, a bunch of CSM's, my sternguard, and about a dozen other Imperial fist marines to paint among other things. While also trying to work and go to school, painting just keeps getting set back more. Oh well.... I make a little more progress each day.

Primed and started painting the rest of Vulkan. Why I
own this model yet I don't know.

Started getting these guys finished tonight as well. Soon
I'd like to get some Grenadiers for them so I can ally them
to my Imperial Fist.

The new Lysander model I'm working on. My old one
suffered a horrible accident...
     Another thing I'd like to mention is my intentions to right Game reviews not only for Video Games, but occasionally traditional and table top games as well. The first review will be up Thursday and will be focused on a video game. In fact all reviews will probably go up on Thursdays. 

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