Friday, November 29, 2013

Warhammer 40,000®: Space Wolf Announcement Trailer

     Not sure how I feel about this game by the looks of the trailer. Looks to cheerful for a Space Wolves game. The wolves of Fenris don't even look that fierce and chaos doesn't seem to care it's being shot at. But I suppose I should reserve judgement until it's actually released...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Short update and Happy Thanksgiving

     Hey all, been a while since I posted with an update of anything. Fell of track again this last week with a new job starting in addition to school and my other job. Need to work more to have money to buy plastic I can't use because I work to much. Pretty sure that's the circle of life or something. 

     Played a game of Planet Strike this last weekend. 2000 points in a fortified corner of the the board looks awesome. But sadly the game didn't last long. Grey Knights low model count and bad luck saw most of my opponents units off the board before I could actually shoot them. The only squad to get into assault got in turn 1 and got tied up as Lysander fought a challenge with Draigo that lasted until the top of turn 3.

Top of turn 1 where Draigo and his paladins charged
the Imperial Fist lines.

     Also this week I've made some progress on the Deathwatch Kill Team, though not as much as I'd like. I need to get to painting faster though as stuff is starting to pile up again. Especially with my fantasy army needing to be used on the 8th of Dec and only being half painted. I have a largish order of random FW models coming soon (i hope?) and a order I placed with GW on the 18th that still hasn't been shipped out. Ordering things around the holiday season can be a pain. Sadly without the GW order I can't finished the Deathwatch...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Orks and High Elves on ponies

     Short update with some work on orks. Got a box of Nobz for 20 bucks the other day and just got around to opening it up yesterday. I already had 10 nobs from AoBR but they all had rather lame load-outs. The 5 that are already painted we're left alone but the other 5 AoBR orks that were unpainted had their arms ripped off and replaced with big choppa's and power claw things that I had extra from the above set. The 5 orks from the above set were all given kombi weapons, a big choppa, and what I think is a power claw thing but it looks like a harpoon. Not sure what it is really.

      Anyways here they are all built. Now I have a lot of choppa's and the pistol things the orks use in a pile. Not sure if I will ever have a use for them. Probably have enough nobs on foot for now. When/if I expand on these orks (a long way off I'm sure) I wanna get nobz and a warboss on bikes. Awesome forgeworld models for them and I think it would be an efficient way to get the orks into CC until trucks of boys can show up to the fight.

     Another things I got done today was building my Dragon princes of Calador for my High Elf army. Did have to remove bases off of the back rank and move them back on the bases somewhat to get them all to rank up. But now that they're finished I'm kind of excited to paint them and get them on the tabletop. Can't seem to play fantasy enough these days...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Paint all the things!

     Another busy week with work and school. Got another game of 40K in this weekend, and it was second time using Sentinels of Terra and first time using a predator executioner. Sadly my opponent (Black Legion/CSM allies) stole initiative and used that BL relic to kill my LR, used the giant 18 inch bubble nova spell to blind my devastators, and then had a squad of 3 oblits kill my predator all in 1 turn. Pretty rough and unlucky start for me sadly. So while I recover from the harsh loss of being 4 marines away from being tabled, I decided to put more time and effort into my fantasy army and working on some other odd projects.

     My fantasy army was missing a heavy hitting unit that could be more mobile then the Swordmasters of Hoeth. So while not really looking I found a box of these at my local gaming store and bought them up, just to find another box at a different store while out of town. Pretty awesome really and now I unit of 10 that can run around the field turn one with it's 9 + 2d6 charge range, lances, and 2 attacks per model (3 for champ) these guys can help take some of the pressure off of my Swordmasters and help intercept enemy regiments from getting to my ranged units. Just need to finish building them....

    Also got in a FW etched brass for IF today. I've always been curious about the etched brass and while a bit hard to cut they do work well and should fit pretty nicely on the shoulder pads of my cataphractii terminators. Other uses for them may very...

Repainting in the brighter yellow it should have been the
first time around...

Squad sergeant being built, added some of the brass to
his leg to make him stand out more. Need to order more
of the fancy bases.

Salamanders, White Scars, and Imperial Fist members.
     More work on my Deathwatch kill-team I've been working on. The whole unit is built and now has a member for each of the 9 first founding legions and BT. The only one close to being finished though is the Raven Guard member below who just needs some small details and the Deathwatch shoulder pad. I've been procrastinating on ordering those. The ones I need to finish chapter should pads for are the Blood Angel member who is getting his shoulder pad as soon as my friend can bring me one, and the Iron Hand member who's shoulder pad is coming in the mail later this week.

Ultramarine, Space Wolf, and Raven Guard members.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Painting projects and new GW technical paints

     Busy week. I have 10 FW legion breacher squad marines and a MK-III power weapon set coming next week sometime to make vanguard vets with storm shields. I have 10 dragon princes of calador to paint on my desk, and I have my Deathwatch project which is only missing a guy to represent the Dark Angels and more Deathwatch shoulder pads. I only had 2 from the command squad. The above is the Raven Guard member of my Deathwatch team with knife and custom stalker bolter.

     Painting the Deathwatch squad and building them was really fun. Salamander has heavy flamer, Black Templar has sword and is squad leader, Iron Hand with extra cables and tech type gear, wolf pelts and stuff for the Space Wolf. Didn't have much for the White Scar guy but he's starting to shape up anyways. The squad as a whole is starting to look awesome, especially when assembled. My goal is to represent all the chapters from the original 9 legions + BT cuz templar are kick ass. More chapters might come if I expand to a second Deathwatch squad or just want options but that remains to be seen if I will do that.

    Also I was out of town today on a small trip up to Sioux Falls, SD where I did manage to get my fiancee to let me stop at a place called Universal Bits and Games. Not a bad little shop, decent selection of flames of war and warhammer stuff as well as some other gaming related things. Pretty awesome display board in progress of being finished of a large imperial cathedral. Left with some High Elf stuff and the 4 paints seen above. I've been waiting for a while to get the "Blood for the blood god" paint, my World Eaters need it for weapons.

      The Typhus Corruption doesn't do much itself. It discolors the metal and works kind of like a weird wash but addes a rough texture to the model, then the Ryza Rust gets dry brushed over it for the full effect. looks awesome when done. Just don't have many things that demand a rusted look.

     The blood for the blood god works better then the above picture really shows. Was just messing around with it a bit and it looks great on my berserkers.  I have Nihilakh Oxide but I don't know what that does. I believe its suppose to add an oxidized copper look to things that use copper. Ment to get Nurgle Rot. (oops) Also did not get the Agrelland Earth which is a brown paint that cracks when it dries to look liked dried earth. Really cool paints though and they do do their job well, especially the rush.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Triumph & Treachery

    Finally got this in the mail today! Plan to play it an upcoming gamesday event Dec 8 which does give me some time to find some people for a test run. Apart from the awesome concept of a multiplayer game of fantasy, this game also makes being a jerk a game mechanic. Because who doesn't want to bribe their opponents mercenaries or force them to attack the wrong person! Just don't get to carried away as victory points are the currency!

     Unlike most expansions for 40K and Fantasy, this once comes in a box with a slip case to protect it and all the coins and cards it comes with. Also happens to make a nice shelf piece but that's beside the point.

The coins for keeping track of victory points!
Brass coin - 50 points
Silver Coin - 150 points
Gold Coin - 250 points
Gold Ingot - 1500 points
Points are rounded off, so if you kill a 170 point unit, you get
a silver coin and the additional 20 points is just lost.

The cards that allows you to screw people over!

example 1

example 2

Cards for assigning turn order. Every game round the player 
turn order changes based on these cards. At the beginning of
the game each player is assigned one of these and should mark it
down on their list. Then the cards are shoveled and put face down.
The order in which the cards are drawn each game turn is the player
order for that turn. So nobody knows who will be next.
    More to come tomorrow, don't know when I will get around to testing this. Sadly more work and school will probably keep me from doing to much until Sunday. But that's life...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Painting Dropzone mini's

    Painting a multitude of things today from base coating drop zone mini's to finishing my model for Garadon for my Imperial Fist while waiting for the mail to come. Will be a busy week with games and things coming in the mail. Today or tomorrow I will be getting the new WFB expansion Triumph and Treachery for use at a Games Day event on Dec 8th, Will be getting a WFB rulebook finally (the mini one), and I pre-ordered the new Codex: Inquisition since I think it would a great way to expand on my Krieg and IF armies. Other things will be coming as well but lets keep some surprises for later shall we?

     So first off I wanna point out how tiny the plastic infantry are for DzC. Having decided to paint my UCM in the same color scheme as my krieg tanks and infantry, I can't help but feel like I'm probably going to end up losing some of these mini's just because of their size. Also my cat eating them is a possibility....

     While the larger vehicles will be way more fun to paint then the Infantry, I can't help but feel I missed an opportunity to magnetize the drop shops to actually hold the tanks they carry. I thing that would have been cool though I don't know how well it would have actually held them up.

Full UCM army assembled.

Little tiny infantry for the meat grinder!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Warlords of Draenor

    Well, Blizzard must have noticed I'm not online as much anymore. This expansion is the kind of expansion I've wanted since the Caverns of time were first showed to the inhabitants of Azeroth. Yes with out the full explanation the idea of going back and forth in time to Draenor pre-Warcraft 1 is a bit silly. But it brings wow back to a setting more familiar to the older players, and brings tons of characterization to the orc clans and leaders of the time period. Also Grom Hellscream, the most bad ass orc of all gets to return to the story in a way. Even if it is an alternate past. Either way, when this does release, my blogging my lessen from what it is now. (which is already a small amount)

Dropzon Commander: first game!

     Played my first game of Dropzone Commander last night. Apart from butchering some rules I'd say the game went rather well. I did lose but a lot of the rules make a bit more sense now. Games like this really require you to kind of stumble through rules until you learn them. No amount of reading the book will commit it to memory if you don't have a picture of whats going on, not efficiently anyways. I was pretty surprised by how fast the game went though, taking just less then an hour for a single play through of the starter set mission. Both me and my opponent managed to capture objective and get them to our table edges, and he manged to hold an extra one down town. Clearing infantry out of buildings seems to be a pain though, so I'm wondering if I shouldn't try and find a unit that can clear out buildings better?

    Going to probably get another game of this in on Sunday after I've read up on the rules a bit more. My friend and I may order another start box just to stock up on the plastic mini's that seem to make up the backbone of the Scourge and UCM forces. Also plan to order some other random models and command cards sometime soon.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Horus Heresy army

     One of my biggest issues lately has been deciding on which Legion to make. I have the money set aside so I could order it any day now, but might wait until I get my copy of Betrayal next week. The issue is all of the legions have so much difference and character to them and the longer I wait the more different models FW releases. So lets look at the candidates.

Emperor's Children:
      I favor the Emperor's children because I like their story, their fall from perfection to decadence and debauchery. The unique models they have in the early stages of the heresy are awesome and really show how obsessed they were from being perfect. This also works to create a lot of contrast with models as they progress towards chaos, the Kakophoni are already a good example of this. Also the idea of painting purple seems fun. Fulgrim however is not the most powerful Primarch.

World Eaters:
     The main runner up for this, mainly because I think Angron and his legion are really just misunderstood. All he ever wanted was freedom, true freedom. No high riders, no Imperium, no armies to lead. Also Angron is a beast in CC. Stick him in a LR or Spartan Assault Tank with some Rampagers and let the blood flow.

     The idea of using a bunch of infantry in a battle of attrition amuses me. Throw in the large amount of chemical weapons used by them like phosphex grenades and destroyer terminators (Grave Wardens) and you have a truly morbid force to be reckoned with. Also the Deathshroud are awesome. Mortarion is my favorite primarch and if FW would have made a model for him I probably wouldn't be debating with myself.

     In the end I will probably continue to go with the Emperor's Children. Fulgrims legion has a lot of character and a lot of interesting conversion potential for the different captains. Marius and Lucius will be fun, especially Marius. Kakophoni are friggen awesome.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dropzone Commander Start Set

     I've finally bought the starter set for Dropzone Commander. I would just like to say this box set is fantastic. The amount of stuff in it is fantastic and truly packed full of stuff to play. Based on what I've read so far in the rule book the only thing really missing is commander cards. But those can be easily bought from Spikey bits for about 7 dollars.

Bases and clear bits!

UCM sprues. Roughly 500ish points worth I believe.

Scourge sprues. No idea how many points worth.

1.1 Rulebook for DzC. Has everything from back story
to individual army rules covered. Not to heavy on rules,
most confusing bit is force organization.

All the cardboard buildings!

All the markers, tokens and the quick reference sheets.

Two 2x3 foot sections of game matte to place buildings
and stuff on. Great for getting started.
     Still putting the models together and will get them posted as soon as I can. Hope to get in a game tomorrow. I intend to keep UCM army and give the Scourge stuff to my friends. May order more stuff in the next week or so.

Monday, November 4, 2013


       So last night, apart from playing an awesome game of fantasy, I acquired a large amount of orks. Two Assault on Black Reach starter sets and a warbuggy to be exact. One starter set worth was actually mine before I just traded for it back. Pretty cool in my opinion as it's a pretty decent jump into having an Ork army. After putting it all into battle scribe there is roughly 1100 points here, and the only thing it really needs is transports and anti armour.  Still not sure though what I plan to do with it all. Might use it to try and get my brother into 40k.


Da boyz!

Needs wheels and red paint!

     This is a test paint to see how the Army Painter Alien Purple primer looks for painting Pre-heresy emperor's children. I really like it personally and I look forward to getting to test this further on some other random models and on an actual army. (eventually)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sternguard and Captain/sergeant Garadon

     While waiting for some other things to happen and other orders to be placed I bought a set of Sternguard to make special characters from. Mainly more guys for my Deathwatch themed sternguard. I did however take some bits out to make a model for Captain/Sergeant Garadon who I still needed a model for. Now I just need to make the command squad and other special characters of the third company! Though Garadon needs more paint as well.

So much plastic!

So many bits!

Body done, borrowed a shoulder from another marine
that didn't need it anymore. Wanted the sculpted shoulder
for Garadon since he's a captain.

Body primed with some base coats. Head is just held in
with tack until the painting is done. Still can't decide if I like
the helmet less head though. He matches the guy in the artwork
though and it makes him stand out more. So I guess it's gonna stay.
     Will probably post more painting updates tomorrow but those might be of fantasy models since I have a game tomorrow afternoon against some pesky dwarves...