Friday, November 8, 2013

Dropzon Commander: first game!

     Played my first game of Dropzone Commander last night. Apart from butchering some rules I'd say the game went rather well. I did lose but a lot of the rules make a bit more sense now. Games like this really require you to kind of stumble through rules until you learn them. No amount of reading the book will commit it to memory if you don't have a picture of whats going on, not efficiently anyways. I was pretty surprised by how fast the game went though, taking just less then an hour for a single play through of the starter set mission. Both me and my opponent managed to capture objective and get them to our table edges, and he manged to hold an extra one down town. Clearing infantry out of buildings seems to be a pain though, so I'm wondering if I shouldn't try and find a unit that can clear out buildings better?

    Going to probably get another game of this in on Sunday after I've read up on the rules a bit more. My friend and I may order another start box just to stock up on the plastic mini's that seem to make up the backbone of the Scourge and UCM forces. Also plan to order some other random models and command cards sometime soon.

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  1. Don't give up on this game. I've played GW games for almost a decade (plus DUST and WARMACHINE <---both games put their titles in caps). I love DUST and DzC! The missions from thr rule book are fantastic, and most people in my area play starter-box sized games. I've played from 1200 to 2000 points and LOVE IT!!!