Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dropzone Commander Start Set

     I've finally bought the starter set for Dropzone Commander. I would just like to say this box set is fantastic. The amount of stuff in it is fantastic and truly packed full of stuff to play. Based on what I've read so far in the rule book the only thing really missing is commander cards. But those can be easily bought from Spikey bits for about 7 dollars.

Bases and clear bits!

UCM sprues. Roughly 500ish points worth I believe.

Scourge sprues. No idea how many points worth.

1.1 Rulebook for DzC. Has everything from back story
to individual army rules covered. Not to heavy on rules,
most confusing bit is force organization.

All the cardboard buildings!

All the markers, tokens and the quick reference sheets.

Two 2x3 foot sections of game matte to place buildings
and stuff on. Great for getting started.
     Still putting the models together and will get them posted as soon as I can. Hope to get in a game tomorrow. I intend to keep UCM army and give the Scourge stuff to my friends. May order more stuff in the next week or so.

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