Thursday, November 7, 2013

Horus Heresy army

     One of my biggest issues lately has been deciding on which Legion to make. I have the money set aside so I could order it any day now, but might wait until I get my copy of Betrayal next week. The issue is all of the legions have so much difference and character to them and the longer I wait the more different models FW releases. So lets look at the candidates.

Emperor's Children:
      I favor the Emperor's children because I like their story, their fall from perfection to decadence and debauchery. The unique models they have in the early stages of the heresy are awesome and really show how obsessed they were from being perfect. This also works to create a lot of contrast with models as they progress towards chaos, the Kakophoni are already a good example of this. Also the idea of painting purple seems fun. Fulgrim however is not the most powerful Primarch.

World Eaters:
     The main runner up for this, mainly because I think Angron and his legion are really just misunderstood. All he ever wanted was freedom, true freedom. No high riders, no Imperium, no armies to lead. Also Angron is a beast in CC. Stick him in a LR or Spartan Assault Tank with some Rampagers and let the blood flow.

     The idea of using a bunch of infantry in a battle of attrition amuses me. Throw in the large amount of chemical weapons used by them like phosphex grenades and destroyer terminators (Grave Wardens) and you have a truly morbid force to be reckoned with. Also the Deathshroud are awesome. Mortarion is my favorite primarch and if FW would have made a model for him I probably wouldn't be debating with myself.

     In the end I will probably continue to go with the Emperor's Children. Fulgrims legion has a lot of character and a lot of interesting conversion potential for the different captains. Marius and Lucius will be fun, especially Marius. Kakophoni are friggen awesome.

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  1. It sounds clear to me. Death Guard for you.
    I'm thinking of starting a HH force as well, as of now, the Iron Hands aesthetic really grabs me by the throat, but the choice is a very, very difficult one.