Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Orks and High Elves on ponies

     Short update with some work on orks. Got a box of Nobz for 20 bucks the other day and just got around to opening it up yesterday. I already had 10 nobs from AoBR but they all had rather lame load-outs. The 5 that are already painted we're left alone but the other 5 AoBR orks that were unpainted had their arms ripped off and replaced with big choppa's and power claw things that I had extra from the above set. The 5 orks from the above set were all given kombi weapons, a big choppa, and what I think is a power claw thing but it looks like a harpoon. Not sure what it is really.

      Anyways here they are all built. Now I have a lot of choppa's and the pistol things the orks use in a pile. Not sure if I will ever have a use for them. Probably have enough nobs on foot for now. When/if I expand on these orks (a long way off I'm sure) I wanna get nobz and a warboss on bikes. Awesome forgeworld models for them and I think it would be an efficient way to get the orks into CC until trucks of boys can show up to the fight.

     Another things I got done today was building my Dragon princes of Calador for my High Elf army. Did have to remove bases off of the back rank and move them back on the bases somewhat to get them all to rank up. But now that they're finished I'm kind of excited to paint them and get them on the tabletop. Can't seem to play fantasy enough these days...

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