Monday, November 18, 2013

Paint all the things!

     Another busy week with work and school. Got another game of 40K in this weekend, and it was second time using Sentinels of Terra and first time using a predator executioner. Sadly my opponent (Black Legion/CSM allies) stole initiative and used that BL relic to kill my LR, used the giant 18 inch bubble nova spell to blind my devastators, and then had a squad of 3 oblits kill my predator all in 1 turn. Pretty rough and unlucky start for me sadly. So while I recover from the harsh loss of being 4 marines away from being tabled, I decided to put more time and effort into my fantasy army and working on some other odd projects.

     My fantasy army was missing a heavy hitting unit that could be more mobile then the Swordmasters of Hoeth. So while not really looking I found a box of these at my local gaming store and bought them up, just to find another box at a different store while out of town. Pretty awesome really and now I unit of 10 that can run around the field turn one with it's 9 + 2d6 charge range, lances, and 2 attacks per model (3 for champ) these guys can help take some of the pressure off of my Swordmasters and help intercept enemy regiments from getting to my ranged units. Just need to finish building them....

    Also got in a FW etched brass for IF today. I've always been curious about the etched brass and while a bit hard to cut they do work well and should fit pretty nicely on the shoulder pads of my cataphractii terminators. Other uses for them may very...

Repainting in the brighter yellow it should have been the
first time around...

Squad sergeant being built, added some of the brass to
his leg to make him stand out more. Need to order more
of the fancy bases.

Salamanders, White Scars, and Imperial Fist members.
     More work on my Deathwatch kill-team I've been working on. The whole unit is built and now has a member for each of the 9 first founding legions and BT. The only one close to being finished though is the Raven Guard member below who just needs some small details and the Deathwatch shoulder pad. I've been procrastinating on ordering those. The ones I need to finish chapter should pads for are the Blood Angel member who is getting his shoulder pad as soon as my friend can bring me one, and the Iron Hand member who's shoulder pad is coming in the mail later this week.

Ultramarine, Space Wolf, and Raven Guard members.

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  1. Rough first turn vs chaos marines. Was that Bart's army you played?