Monday, November 11, 2013

Painting Dropzone mini's

    Painting a multitude of things today from base coating drop zone mini's to finishing my model for Garadon for my Imperial Fist while waiting for the mail to come. Will be a busy week with games and things coming in the mail. Today or tomorrow I will be getting the new WFB expansion Triumph and Treachery for use at a Games Day event on Dec 8th, Will be getting a WFB rulebook finally (the mini one), and I pre-ordered the new Codex: Inquisition since I think it would a great way to expand on my Krieg and IF armies. Other things will be coming as well but lets keep some surprises for later shall we?

     So first off I wanna point out how tiny the plastic infantry are for DzC. Having decided to paint my UCM in the same color scheme as my krieg tanks and infantry, I can't help but feel like I'm probably going to end up losing some of these mini's just because of their size. Also my cat eating them is a possibility....

     While the larger vehicles will be way more fun to paint then the Infantry, I can't help but feel I missed an opportunity to magnetize the drop shops to actually hold the tanks they carry. I thing that would have been cool though I don't know how well it would have actually held them up.

Full UCM army assembled.

Little tiny infantry for the meat grinder!


  1. How does the game play? U can store them in tackle boxes. I did that for my Axis Allies miniatures.

    1. Pretty well from what I've played. Games primary focus is on troop movement and speed and the transport mechanics are pretty solid. Shoot down the enemy drop ships and you severely cripple their force. (Easier said then done) The only mechanics that confuse me are FOC and Close Combat. Foc has FOC in it's FOC. Each tank is a unit, and you can have 3-9 tanks in a squad, several squads in a battle group, and then the battle group slots are essentially the FOC slots. Close combat just doesn't happen a lot as only infantry can do it to other infantry and it's only real use is clearing out garrisoned buildings. A small game takes about an hour though and has a good fast pace.