Friday, November 15, 2013

Painting projects and new GW technical paints

     Busy week. I have 10 FW legion breacher squad marines and a MK-III power weapon set coming next week sometime to make vanguard vets with storm shields. I have 10 dragon princes of calador to paint on my desk, and I have my Deathwatch project which is only missing a guy to represent the Dark Angels and more Deathwatch shoulder pads. I only had 2 from the command squad. The above is the Raven Guard member of my Deathwatch team with knife and custom stalker bolter.

     Painting the Deathwatch squad and building them was really fun. Salamander has heavy flamer, Black Templar has sword and is squad leader, Iron Hand with extra cables and tech type gear, wolf pelts and stuff for the Space Wolf. Didn't have much for the White Scar guy but he's starting to shape up anyways. The squad as a whole is starting to look awesome, especially when assembled. My goal is to represent all the chapters from the original 9 legions + BT cuz templar are kick ass. More chapters might come if I expand to a second Deathwatch squad or just want options but that remains to be seen if I will do that.

    Also I was out of town today on a small trip up to Sioux Falls, SD where I did manage to get my fiancee to let me stop at a place called Universal Bits and Games. Not a bad little shop, decent selection of flames of war and warhammer stuff as well as some other gaming related things. Pretty awesome display board in progress of being finished of a large imperial cathedral. Left with some High Elf stuff and the 4 paints seen above. I've been waiting for a while to get the "Blood for the blood god" paint, my World Eaters need it for weapons.

      The Typhus Corruption doesn't do much itself. It discolors the metal and works kind of like a weird wash but addes a rough texture to the model, then the Ryza Rust gets dry brushed over it for the full effect. looks awesome when done. Just don't have many things that demand a rusted look.

     The blood for the blood god works better then the above picture really shows. Was just messing around with it a bit and it looks great on my berserkers.  I have Nihilakh Oxide but I don't know what that does. I believe its suppose to add an oxidized copper look to things that use copper. Ment to get Nurgle Rot. (oops) Also did not get the Agrelland Earth which is a brown paint that cracks when it dries to look liked dried earth. Really cool paints though and they do do their job well, especially the rush.

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