Thursday, November 28, 2013

Short update and Happy Thanksgiving

     Hey all, been a while since I posted with an update of anything. Fell of track again this last week with a new job starting in addition to school and my other job. Need to work more to have money to buy plastic I can't use because I work to much. Pretty sure that's the circle of life or something. 

     Played a game of Planet Strike this last weekend. 2000 points in a fortified corner of the the board looks awesome. But sadly the game didn't last long. Grey Knights low model count and bad luck saw most of my opponents units off the board before I could actually shoot them. The only squad to get into assault got in turn 1 and got tied up as Lysander fought a challenge with Draigo that lasted until the top of turn 3.

Top of turn 1 where Draigo and his paladins charged
the Imperial Fist lines.

     Also this week I've made some progress on the Deathwatch Kill Team, though not as much as I'd like. I need to get to painting faster though as stuff is starting to pile up again. Especially with my fantasy army needing to be used on the 8th of Dec and only being half painted. I have a largish order of random FW models coming soon (i hope?) and a order I placed with GW on the 18th that still hasn't been shipped out. Ordering things around the holiday season can be a pain. Sadly without the GW order I can't finished the Deathwatch...


  1. how did the GK charge you in the top of turn 1? Thought there was no charging in the top of one, unless it was some planet strike rule. In that case ignore my question.

    1. In planet strike all infantry are considered as having the deep strike special rule, models that already have deep strike in their profile can charge the turn they do so. This allows units to deep strike and get into CC before defender can annihilate them all with plasma or something.