Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sternguard and Captain/sergeant Garadon

     While waiting for some other things to happen and other orders to be placed I bought a set of Sternguard to make special characters from. Mainly more guys for my Deathwatch themed sternguard. I did however take some bits out to make a model for Captain/Sergeant Garadon who I still needed a model for. Now I just need to make the command squad and other special characters of the third company! Though Garadon needs more paint as well.

So much plastic!

So many bits!

Body done, borrowed a shoulder from another marine
that didn't need it anymore. Wanted the sculpted shoulder
for Garadon since he's a captain.

Body primed with some base coats. Head is just held in
with tack until the painting is done. Still can't decide if I like
the helmet less head though. He matches the guy in the artwork
though and it makes him stand out more. So I guess it's gonna stay.
     Will probably post more painting updates tomorrow but those might be of fantasy models since I have a game tomorrow afternoon against some pesky dwarves...

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