Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Triumph & Treachery

    Finally got this in the mail today! Plan to play it an upcoming gamesday event Dec 8 which does give me some time to find some people for a test run. Apart from the awesome concept of a multiplayer game of fantasy, this game also makes being a jerk a game mechanic. Because who doesn't want to bribe their opponents mercenaries or force them to attack the wrong person! Just don't get to carried away as victory points are the currency!

     Unlike most expansions for 40K and Fantasy, this once comes in a box with a slip case to protect it and all the coins and cards it comes with. Also happens to make a nice shelf piece but that's beside the point.

The coins for keeping track of victory points!
Brass coin - 50 points
Silver Coin - 150 points
Gold Coin - 250 points
Gold Ingot - 1500 points
Points are rounded off, so if you kill a 170 point unit, you get
a silver coin and the additional 20 points is just lost.

The cards that allows you to screw people over!

example 1

example 2

Cards for assigning turn order. Every game round the player 
turn order changes based on these cards. At the beginning of
the game each player is assigned one of these and should mark it
down on their list. Then the cards are shoveled and put face down.
The order in which the cards are drawn each game turn is the player
order for that turn. So nobody knows who will be next.
    More to come tomorrow, don't know when I will get around to testing this. Sadly more work and school will probably keep me from doing to much until Sunday. But that's life...

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