Monday, November 4, 2013


       So last night, apart from playing an awesome game of fantasy, I acquired a large amount of orks. Two Assault on Black Reach starter sets and a warbuggy to be exact. One starter set worth was actually mine before I just traded for it back. Pretty cool in my opinion as it's a pretty decent jump into having an Ork army. After putting it all into battle scribe there is roughly 1100 points here, and the only thing it really needs is transports and anti armour.  Still not sure though what I plan to do with it all. Might use it to try and get my brother into 40k.


Da boyz!

Needs wheels and red paint!

     This is a test paint to see how the Army Painter Alien Purple primer looks for painting Pre-heresy emperor's children. I really like it personally and I look forward to getting to test this further on some other random models and on an actual army. (eventually)


  1. A big hello from your new's follower, and we might have a few things in common because, I to have a hobby blog. So hopefully you may go and check it out a

  2. Orks.......bah. My Crimson Fists are sad that the proud son's of Dorn would collect them.

    Would love to get a game some time. From your mage-con posts I assume you are in the Siouxland area.