Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CSM Land Raider

     So after some trading shenanigans and finally saying goodbye to those 2 Vendetta's I had laying around. I managed to acquire some transports for my World Eaters army. The Land Raider and Rhino above came built like they are now with all the bits either on sprue or in a box so I have all of those. I did remove the front of the rhino though and made the top front door of LR detachable so I could get FW World Eaters doors. I wanted the Land Raider to be Kharn's personal vehicle. Not that I have a model for Kharn yet but I'll fix that later! eventually.... maybe.....

     So apart from needing to think of a few more ways to make this LR fit Kharn a bit better I added spikes to it. Not all the spikes I could though so more may come but a lot of spikes. The gunner on top has a combi flamer which isn't really ever going to be that useful since it can't see out over the vehicle that far, but still goes with the theme. Kharn did like Torching is subordinates when needed. The only thing I think I can really do to improve this right now is the FW doors. I don't have any nor do I have money to get any right now. So it will be a while before I get around to finishing this. But will do it as soon as I can.

Side view

Rear/side/top/angle view

     Rear view. The star on the left side of power plant I would have liked to put on the right side but since the model came built I had no way of shaving it off. I think GW needs to do a minor resculpt of the Chaos vehicles to make them more chaosy the just adding in a sprue of bits and calling it good.

     The gunner was another thing I wanted to have stand out on the model. He needed a berserker head. People need to look at this army and be like! Oh hey! it's those angry guys and they wanna wreck my stuff! So having the proper helmets and symbols will help a lot. Especially since the World Eaters legion icon contrast color wise so much with the over abundance of red on these models.

Other side of gunner.

     A part of this project that might seem odd is the sponsons since I magnetized them in order to remove the guns. The shrouds on the sponsons being red will allow it to match my Imperial Fist Tank well enough so the guns are being left as plane jane as normal so my loyalist can borrow the Las-cannons for their land Raider. Same goes for the Heavy bolter but I didn't magnetize that.

More on how magnets work.

The gun post.
     This army should finally reach a playable point if I can just tweak and fine tune it now. Still want to add a Chaos Spartan Assault tank to it (Also covered in spikes) to create a deathstar with 20 Berserkers and Kharn. Not sure how well that would work but emperor help those who get on the receiving end...

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