Saturday, December 7, 2013

Escalation and Stronghold assault

     So don't have my physical copies of the new expansions yet but I do have digital copies that I've been able to glance through and for those who are curious the above is the FOC chart from Escalation. The lack of awesome Lord of War choices for Space Marines in the book made me a bit sad but I'm sure the list of usable LoW choices in IA: 2 second edition will be out soon to fix this and grant me the use of a Fellblade. Really should get a shadow sword for my krieg army eventually to...

     Oddly enough I'm now more excited about the new fortification book which adds in new fortification, new fortification options, updated rules, and all sorts of crazy things. The void shield generator is something I'll really consider to keep my vehicles from dying turn 1, especially my Land Raider. Promethium Relay Pipes are also cool as the allow infantry to fire flamer weapons as Heavy with the Torrent special rule.

      According to the tracking number I should have physical books on early next week, sadly still waiting on a separate GW order from the 18th with Deathwatch bits and inquisitor. Apparently they ran out of inquisitors or something so my order was on hold for a bit. Almost amazed they didn't just package the orders together since they ended up being dispatched the same day. But I digress.... Anyways will have more on these books as I test them and actually use them.

     Tomorrow afternoon I will be posting pictures from our first run of Triumph and Treachery for WFB. So hopefully can get a good first run of that.

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  1. I like the new books. I'm hoping to try them out soon. Also I have some left over helmets and shoulderpads from the deathwatch conversion metal kit if you are looking for some.