Thursday, December 12, 2013

Escalation and Stronghold Assault

     Okay! So finally got Escalation and Stronghold Assault and I really think both books are fantastic for people interested in narrative based games. I think a lot of options in both books will just annihilate any sense of balance in tournaments so I don't expect to see these there, official or not. We find out tomorrow from what I here when GW's Warhammer World facebook page is suppose to post the legality of it in their events. Also hear talk that Forge World will be releasing a pdf with a list of what vehicles can be taken as a Lord of War choice.

     When you open up Escalation the first few pages of rules cover the amended FOC, mission special rules that are in effect when a Lord of War is used, and a special warlord traits table for players who are facing an army with a Lord of War choice. The special rules and warlord traits are used to create more balance for players who don't have a Lord of War. Probably won't use warlord traits though.

     Stronghold Assault was definitely for me the most exciting of the two books. As an Imperial Fist player I love my sand castles and little plastic fortresses and I can now properly run large defenses and defend my little yellow flag. The tons of new options for fortifications from ammo dumps to barbed wire. Vortex shield generators I think will be fun for preventing my tanks from all getting destroyed turn 1. Just need to buy some bastions and defense lines now.

     I do want to show this part of the Stronghold Assault book where it says the building rules and fortification data sheets are an update to the ones in the core rulebook. So I think it's safe to assume this book at least is not an expansion, which in my opinion is cool

     Escalation is still up for interpretation a bit. The book is labeled as a supplement instead of an expansion, and the FoC with the Lord of War slot is an amended FoC for standard 40k games. So while I will be allowing this for the rest of our 40K campaign, wether these are to be considered an official constant addon for 40K is up in the air.

     The Lord of War units themselves are few in this book. I think FW will have the rules for most of them, and you can't say FW ones are valid as several options in this book are FW. All Lord of War units are marked by the Icon in the above pick of the mailed fist. Really looking forward to rules for the Fellblade tank from FW so I can order one of those. Some choices are less balanced then others.... The Eldar Revanent Titan is probably the most over powered option.

     Tomorrow will be a post to cover the Deadzone kickstarter set from Mantic. I've got tons of pics I wanna upload and a lot about it (a lot by this blogs standards) I wanna talk about. Will also probably have some progress on my Void Shield Generator.

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