Thursday, December 12, 2013

Painting progress (Deathwatch finished?)

     So finally got my GW order yesterday with my Deathwatch bits, inquisitor, and plastic movement treys. Finally being having my Deathwatch team to a usable point makes me pretty happy though there is some changes I'm already planning. the Ironhand will be getting a servo harness as soon I can find a bit. I also am working on a Librarian that will be Blood Ravens chapter for a large mega battle this weekend with like 7 other people. Also thinking of making a deathwatch chaplain but not sure what chapter the chaplain should be.

     This guy I was very happy to finally have. Gonna use the sword as a Daemon Blade but because the rules look fun. This model though just looks awesome, and really conveys the awesomeness that is the Inquisition. I plan to run him along side the Deathwatch squad this weekend as a Daemon prince deterrent with Empyrean Brain Mines and the Book of True names. Hopefully all goes well and he doesn't die to quick.

Deathwatch and Inquisitor

     Also needed to have my terminators ready for this weekend so finally decided to finish rebuilding them and adding brass. I think these guys will look much better this time around once they're all painted. I like them a lot better now that they actually have some Imperial Fist Iconography. Just need to figure out where I put the last Stormbolter...

     Anyways as I work on these I'm also doing some more reading through Escalation and Stronghold Assault now that I have the physical books. I will have more on that tomorrow as well as some images from the book. Also plan to build a Void shield Generator...

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