Friday, December 27, 2013

Random other painting and projects.

     Apart from the progress on the Vanguard Vets, I also have these Grenadiers that I need to finish building and painting. Saving them for after new years though as my gaming group is having a 2014 painting contest for fun and bragging rights. Also painting 10 more guys is kind of daunting right now with the large pile of unpainted stuff growing in front of me.

     Star Wars X-wing ships I got for Christmas from my fiancee! All ships I don't have, and I'm pretty sure the only rebel ship currently out I don't own is the Millennium Falcon. Which.... I'm not actually a fan of. It's a cool ship but the Outrider is cooler.

Crazy big set of Army Painter paints from their Warpaints
line up. Awesome set and I don't think I'll have to buy paint
for a while.

All the paint!

     And to tie up this update of random things, a sneak peak of something I'm finally working on. I really don't think their is enough time in the day (or week) to do everything I want to do as a gamer..... 

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