Monday, December 9, 2013

Triumph and Treachery (First game)

     So yesterday we played our first game of Triumph and Treachery and apart from one guy having to learn the rules for fantasy as we went along it war really awesome and probably the most fun I've had playing WFB. Things flow pretty well once everyone gets the hang out of whats going on and the treachery cards add a pretty fun twist on the game as you use them to mess up your opponents plans. The score keeping system is also miles better then the normal WFB system of just doing a ton of math at the end.

     I think the only thing I'd do differently if we play again is making sure the armies are painted and that we remember to bring actual movement treys. Forgot all of mine at home and my friend didn't own any yet since he literally just started building his army 3 days prior. So we ended up using a mountain dew box cut into flat sections which worked well enough function wise but not very well aesthetically. 

     Another thing that was a bit wonky at first is deployment for mission type one which sections the table off into 24"x24" inch sections and everyone gets a section. But they can't deploy within 12 inches of an opponents unit. So the board seemed really cramped once we all had our armies on the table. Units were almost instantly in charge range in most cases which caused a lot of turn 1 crazyness.

Seaguard vs Dwarf Warriors

I don't know what the big ogre monster is as I didn't have to fight it.
But it wrecked those dwarf slayers.

Lizardmen coming after my poor bolt thrower in the
later part of the game.  My bolt throwers weren't well
liked I guess....

 Dwarf firing line.

Dragon princes vs Temple Guard and Caster guy.

Casualties of the fight. A few more were added after
this picture was taken....
     Very fun game in the end and really can't wait to play it again sometime soon! I very much recomment this expansion for anyone who plays WFB.

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