Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vanguard Veterans (part 1)

     So I got a bunch of new stuff in today, 2 set of MK-III breacher squad marines and MK-III CC weapons set to convert to vanguard vets. Just need to order jump packs. Then I got in a Grenadier squad so I can finally take my DKK as allies, but I'll save work on them for another day. Right now I have washed and separated up the bits, Then it was just cleaning up flash and whatnot and building the vanguard vets.

Some of the close combat weapons in the set. Love
the amount of options. Also those tiny melta bombs amuse

Pistols! Finally have some Phobos pattern bolt pistols
for using in my first company guys. Normal bolt pistols
just wont do.

Shields! Need some IF etched brass.

Breacher squad head compared to some normal MK-III

Mk-III armour body from standard and Breacher/Legion set.

Guns! FW graviton guns are cooler. No idea what the
Las cutters will be used for.

Super chainsword. No idea what I will use this for, but
it mush be used.

Squad Sergeant

 Rest of the guys built up!
 GW Graviton vs FW Graviton.
FW one lookes a bit more "retro" for lack of a better word.

Primed with arms and weapons!

Shields with etched brass.
     Really happy with the MK-III bits, I think It's a really fun theme for my first company. Painting these guys will probably take a while though. Might use these guys to test painting models that look more weathered and damaged. They will be magnetized on the back so they can switch out jump packs and their normal back packs when needed. Will probably continue work on these tomorrow though so more to come then!

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