Friday, December 27, 2013

Vanguard Veterans (part 2)

     So today I finally make a follow up post on the Vanguard Veterans and the progress made on them, which isn't much thanks to the holidays. But some progress was made and 2 of them are about finished. These guys have been a fun project as I've been able to get a lot of practice painting both blood and battle damage as you will see in later pictures. I want the models to look like they're wading through combat, the blood of their enemies showering them as their weapons fall.

     The first guy done is just a Veteran with a power axe.  I love power axes but try to avoid them a bit as Dorn teaches the sword as the perfect marshal weapon. But having 1 or 2 marines with one won't hurt anyone, right? This guy has a bit of a generic battle ready pose. In this pic I don't have all of the details and wash on him yet either. Still very happy with him though and I can't wait to have a full squad of these dudes with jump packs.

     Practicing doing blood on weapons. I added more bloches and dots of random blood splatter to the axe and armour of the marine. Also added blood splatter to his shield a bit since that's inevitably going to get a little messy as gore flies around.

      Sergeant with power fist and storm shield. This guy apart from having his jump pack/power plant is pretty much done. Though I will probably add a flag to his power plant and I accidently gave him the wrong shield. The one he was suppose to have had a veteran cross symbol with Imperial Fist logo in the center from the etched brass sheet. Might fix this later though somehow....

Blood on the power fist.

Damage and splatter on the shield.

Progress so far!

Minorly different angle.

The 2 guys currently being painted!

Claw guy! the only fellow to not have a storm shield.
If you look close you can see the blue glow of energy
on his claws.
     Still working on these guys a bit more today and tomorrow. Hope to have them mostly finished by sunday! But so much to do still.... 

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