Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vanguard Veterans (part 3)

     Alright, been sick for a few days so trying to get back into things. So happy last day of the year! As you can tell from the below pictures I'm still slowly working through my vanguard veterans. I now have half the squad done, and only 5 left to go! Except I still don't have jump packs for any of them. Still looking for jump packs I like to magnetize onto them. Thinking about using the jump packs from the sanguinary guard since they're plastic mk-iv packs. Having a hard time finding a style that fits the mk-iii armour better. If you have suggestions though leave em in the comments! 

Claw guy with basecoats!

Shoulder pads added on, still using the Sternguard shoulders
on the right side of each guy. They have that same odd trim
so they work well for making the armour more ornate.

and finally! Blood! lots of blood and splatter to go with
the claws. I really like this guy.

Chainsword guy 1! Needed lots of these guys so the unit
didn't get to crazy points wise. Already 450 points....

Doing blood on the chain sword is something I'm still
trying to perfect. But it's getting better.

and finally the most recent guy, he has a power sword
that was painted to appear like it was just stabbed into

Slightly less battle damage on this guy though, not sure
why, just didn't want it on him.

The 5 that are completed!

3 guys that are next!

the other 2 guys.

     So as I continue my painting today you will probably see more post from me today and through the course of the next 3 days as I have a lot of extra time off. Also if you (the reader?) have idea's as to where I can get some good jump packs bits, please tell me in the comments below?

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