Friday, January 3, 2014

Deathkorp of Krieg

     So after not getting to spend my days off off from work, I'm finally making a post with what progress I did get done over the weekend. Taking a break from the Imperial Fist first company I started work on getting my Deathkorp of Krieg allies to a playable painted state. Starting with putting arms on my grenadiers and getting the rest of the tanks painted. The Basilisk is still something I'm unsure about, the minimum range to me makes it a huge risk, but it looks cool so I wanna use it.

     The biggest issue with finishing the tanks is I don't have a good brush for quickly doing the base coat of blue on them. An airbrush would be awesome, but they need to stop being so expensive. Other then that though the tanks really only use 4 different colors. The 4 colors doesn't really look right to me though without weathering though as the tanks look to clean for something use by the DKoK.

Almost complete Basilisk!

The turrets from 3 of the leman russ tanks, I realized that
most of my tanks are vanquishers.

      So at the end of the time I have 2 tanks mostly complete. Mainly they just need weathering. Tomorrow I'll probably go back to working on the Vanguard Veterans and trying and get updates to them up. Just hard to spend 45 minutes a model, on what is essentially 10 of the same model. Hopefully I'm not the only person to have this issue with attention span. Though this issue explains why I keep starting new armies....

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