Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eternal Crusade (Pre Alpha)

     So some footage of the game play for Eternal Crusade is finally being shown to those on Terra with internet. I've been trying to suppress excitement and keep expectations low since the game is so far off. But this footage gave me a lot of hope for this game. Why? Because it shows the game is Space Marine but in MMO form. So my favorite 3rd person shooter is being reincarnated in a crazy new way. It's also nice to see some of the fortifications and structures we all know from the table top games making an appearance in the above video. Also a minor thing they changed from SM multiplayer is the Chaos Space Marine helmets. They have horns and stuff again.

     The first hing I noticed about this footage is the GUI. The HUD is very similar elements to that of Space Marine. Some things look very much same as Space Marine. Now keep in mind this is suppose to be an MMO, a thing not normally achieved with 3rd person shooters. So hopefully they use true collision and not a loose kind of hit box like WoW. The main combat mechanics seem to be pretty well set up as well. So just need to see some of the missions and objectives that are suppose to make the game shine....

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