Monday, January 27, 2014

No time to hobby.

     Long first week of school, work, and then a weekend out of town. So a total lack of post I guess is to be expected as the school year starts to pick up. Most of my work going into designing and programming a game for class then working on a hobby. Something I find very sad.... I haven't even had time for video games these last 2 weeks, which has really sucked. Thankfully the week wasn't entirely unproductive so I do have some stuff to show and talk about from the last week.

     First off I finally did the rest of the work on the temple of skulls. This is something I volunteered to paint for my fried who has more things to paint then free time. Figured it makes the tables look nicer for everyone in the group to half the terrain painted. Paint job is a little bit generic and plain, but before it was just a large, unpainted eyesore. So yah, very happy to have this done.


Steve getting some fish.

     This weekend I was out of town in Omaha, Nebraska. While I was their I stopped at The Gameshoppe which has an awesome selection of things I can't afford. While there I bought a variety of things from paints to models. These are 2 Reaper Bones mini's I bought. I now have 3 unpainted Reaper Bones miniatures sitting on my desk. The one in the center of the above picture is not for me but for my little sister who picked out a random miniature and asked me to paint it. It looks like a Draenei rogue from wow in my opinion.

     This model is just another High Elf lord to use whenever I need a High Elf Lord. Goes with the extra mage I have sitting in a box behind me. How often I will use this I'm not sure, but I liked the model design. Still no sold on the casting material for the reaper bones mini's though....

     Another thing I purchased this weekend is the above to paint pots. The Nurgle rot is not for myself but I do intend to test it. The Dorn Yellow I bought for doing highlights on some of the Imperial Fist models I have laying around. Though not sure how much it will get used. It's almost to light and looks white in contrast to the normal yellow, which kind of makes it look weird.

     This is the test model for the Nurgle's Rot. This is what it looks like on the shoulderpad. With the slightly organic look to the shoulder pad this worked pretty well actually with the weird indented spots acting like pores or openings of seeping puss. Could probably be done a bit better but I don't have any nurgley models so that will have to be tested more later by someone else.

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