Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Ork fortifications!

     Spent the afternoon on my day off today making some ork Terrain that can double as fortifications or whatever else the scenario call for. None of it's very complicated and it's loosely inspired by the terrain in Dawn of War since I really liked the looks of the buildings in that game. First I wanted to make some weapon batteries. The Vengeance weapon batteries could easily be made to look ore orky but I wanted to make something a bit more scrap heap looking. 

     This tower is the result of that. I still need to build some more of them so I have some options, but overall I'm pretty happy with how they look. Scrap parts in the shape of a tower! Looks like it would fall apart if fired to much. Also the Ballistic skill of automated weapons is same as normal ork BS anyway so having an ork gunner in the tower fit well. They don't have fancy AI I'm sure.

Better view into the tower.

Compared to GW weapon battery.

     The second thing I made was based off of the Dawn of War ork power generator. As you can see above the thing isn't the fanciest ork contraption in the world. I figured apart from looking cool once done it could also double for an Ork Void shield generator since it's footprint isn't that much bigger from that of the weapon batteries. I still feel like it's a little to big though or at least larger then I intended.

The base of tower and frame of generator. 

Tower all filled with gubbins and bits.

Size comparison to everything else!

A better shot of the generator primed.

The inside of it.

     Next post with painting progress will probably be of something power armour related again as I jump between various projects in a coffee fueled adhd painting rage. 

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