Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited

      So today I want to take the Thursday review to give a short review of my opinion on Scribblenauts Unlimtied for the PC. Scribblenauts is a rather popular title that I believe was made popular by it's first entry on the nintendo DS. I have never gotten to play the game prior to the PC release and didn't get it until the Humble Indie Bundle - WB Games Bundle. Then the game sat in my Steam Llbrary for a month. So finally this last few days I've gotten to sit down and play it.

     The concept of the game is really fun with the idea of summoning so many different items, creatures, people, and random things to solve puzzles. But sometimes it can be a bit specific as to what you can actually do. Like when you trying to spawn a large boulder and it really wants you to write something like oversized rock. This to an extent though could probably be fixed with Steam Workshop suppose which will hopefully allow me to call on Space Marines to get the stars for me.

     As for the puzzles I can't say I've found to many of the ones I've done overly challenging. Most are just variations of get star from tree, or get star from ledge. But it might just be that I haven't dedicated a lot of time to progressing as much as I should. For some reason no matter how many objects I add into the game and how many times I try it I just can't get into the game. At this point I have to assume the game is just not for me but I'll probably continue to go back to it now and then to see if my mood changes.

     I think one thing that could make this game rather awesome is user created challenges. Then I think some really fun puzzles could be had. In the mean time. I'm gonna go play LOTRO or something....

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