Sunday, January 19, 2014

Short Sunday update!

     Short update for this Sunday night Played a game of 40K for first time in a bit over a month and while it was and awesome and bloody game I'm sad to say I lost. The game was capture the relic with hammer and anvil deployment. 2000 points with Sentinals of Terra vs Necrons. I deployed second and failed to claim initiative so had to rely on the Voidshield generator to protect my troops from enemy fire. This was also the first game for using the Voidshield generator, Vanguard Veterans, and Sergeant Garadon. 

     I used my rhinos and drop pods to get the the relic turn 1 and secure it. A plan that almost worked minus the fact my forces were surrounded. Garadon picked up the objective and even almost made it away accept on turn 3 the flyer came in and insta killed him and the other marine that was alive in the squad. Then it was a mad dash by both teams to run for the now unclaimed objective.

     Lysander who was in the Land Raider with a full squad of Vanguard vets who managed to tear across the Necron lines of infantry but were finally whiped out when trying to charge a 4 squad on turn 5 and Lysander finally died to overwatch fire. The squad then was slowly picked apart by Necrons crowding around it from every direction. Eventually I reclaimed the objective but lost it again at the top of turn 7 causing the game to go to secondary objectives and making me lose with final score being 0 - 2. Each time had only about 3 units left and what was left was bloodied.

     Also as a warning (and slightly off topic) might not be a lot of post from me right now as school started again and with the final semester for the program started I need to make an entire game from scratch. So busy next few months....

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