Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tanks for Krieg

     So my project this last week has been to speed through and paint the rest of my tanks for my Death korp of krieg army. Something I've been procrastinating on for a very long time. Thankfully my gaming clubs painting competition provided the extra motivation needed to get these finished finally. The above picture has all the tanks that weren't done yet after getting what is the rest of the base colors. I still need to do some weathering and other details on them but that will probably come much later .Right now I'm just happy to see them tabletop usable.

     The complete set of painted Krieg vehicles and 1 of the vengeance weapon batteries. The other is on loan right now and should be home soon? Currently though I'm very happy with the array of tanks I have though I would like to track down some more turrets to help change loadouts. Had I not bought these tanks used apart from being very expensive I would have magnetized them so I could swap out all of their weapons with ease. I think my next goal for this army apart from more troops is fortifications and maybe 1 or 2 earth shaker artillery carriages. 

     And finally, I managed to start painting the grenadier squad. I feel like I should get 1 more squad of these guys but give them some plasma and melta weapons as I'm not sure how useful a flamer and grenade launcher will be. It's just hard to argue with the skull face mask, these guys are easily the most "grim dark" of all the Imperial Guard forces. Can't wait to field them all and burn those filthy heretics.

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