Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Triumph and Treachery

       Played Triumph and Treachery on Sunday with some friends. In a semi epic battle between Elves, Dwarves, and the undead. Not actually all that epic really. In fact there was hardly any opportunity to use the treachery cards do to what was mostly bad luck. Still a fun game though over all and I really want to try this with 5 people.

Troops starting to move about the field of battle.

Undead Hordes!

Dwarf artillery!

The High Elf battle lines!

Elves and Undead fighting for... something.

Dwarven lines being overrun.

Zombie corpse pile

Elves and Krell wiping out the last of the Dwarf miners.

Dwarf Longbeards and Skeletons.
    The game was long and blood but I think I walked away pretty well with most of my archers and sword masters of Hoeth. The rest of my army was dead, but the other armies didn't fair much better. The dwarves and some quarrelers and a cannon left. The Undead had some Skeletons. The Swordsmasters of Hoeth are probably the best unit in any game I play, destroying anything they get into combat with. With the banner of the world dragon they can survive most things but attacks that go through just army seem to take them down easily enough. Need to find a way to fix this and they can be unstoppable. 


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