Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vanguard Veterans (part 4)

     So working on the Vanguard vets again tonight and I think this is the only guy I'll get done. The weekend will probably involve a lot of alternating back and forth between the vanguard vets and my krieg army but that's okay. It keeps me from getting bored! Heck, if I really need something to work on I can pull out the box of orks under my desk! But that's unlikely... Now, the above marine is another dude with chainsword and one of the only guys I did not have a mk-iii arm for but I think the Black Templar arm with the chain makes up for it.

All base coated!

     This is the first guy I think that has to much blood on him. Like he just started cutting an ork and just kept going until it was entirely moosh and chunky gore. Going to leave it though since trying to paint over the blood for the blood god. Also I don't believe a model can have to much blood on it weapons...

Also on a side not, I finished these guys!

and my tanks are almost ready for fielding!
     Anyways, it's after 2am, and I'm done for today. Will work on more painting tomorrow. Will hopefully get to play a game of something Sunday.

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