Friday, February 28, 2014

Minor updates

     So finally got most of my apartment set up minus the gaming table, which is okay for now because I don't have any good terrain yet. Still working on that... Did manage to get my shelves all set up though so I can have my armies on shelves instead of boxes now. Will need to rearrange some stuff to free up another shelf for Titans and Knights and other cool Mechanicum related stuff. 

Death Korp of Krieg shelf. This shelf has the most
painted models on it probably. The others look sad.

Ork army. Needs some love.....

Most of my Chaos. Have more berserkers I need to
put on the shelf. Shelf also needs more skulls.

    Another thing I've been working on again as I mentioned in my last post is progress on my fantasy army. Trying to get them all up to at least a 3 color minimum. These guys are all being batch painted and now have grey dry-brushed on and leadbelcher on the blades. Next I will probably pick out all the red details and paint the faces. Should be close to done with them by that point.

     This is the 4th tactical squad with the models cleaned up and base coated yellow. Haven't done much with them since the initial base coats and probably won't any time soon. I'm a bit burnt out on painting yellow marines and need a break to work on other things.

     Lastly the base to my High Elf prince on Griffon. It needs a bit of flock and some other details but I think the fallen and bloody dwarf banner is a nice touch. Will certainly attract attention from my friend playing as dwarves in our fantasy campaign. Which is mostly the point of this. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


     So I'm finally moved and entirely lacking internet in my new place at the moment so may continue to be slow on the updates. Nothing to show today and not a lot to say. Will probably be placing an order this weekend for some of those fancy new knight models, and some terrain since I can finally have a dedicated gaming table. The real question is do I want just a few knights as allies or a whole force? Oh the important questions of tax return time....

     In the meantime should be some updates on my fantasy army as I try to get it ready for my groups Blood in the Badlands campaign. Don't like paying 10% painting taxes for unpainted models and can't afford to let those pesky forces of destruction to have any advantages....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another tactical squad.

     Probably last actual hobby update before I move on Thursday. Everything is packed up and these models are about to be. Was at the comic/game shop in town and they had 1 tactical squad left so decided to pick it up. First tac squad from the new sprue and I'm really impressed with the bit selection, though a bit sad about how many MK-VI armour. I'm probably one of the few people that doesn't like the beakie helms..

Squad assembled.... mostly...

Squad Sergeant

Special Weapon and Heavy Weapon guy.

     Full squad actually assembled. I did use all the set of mk-vi armour. I can't stand mixing armour marks in most cases. Not sure why but it bugs my OCD. Might post one or two more updates that are smaller before moving but doubt it. But as soon as I'm moved I'll have a better set up for both modeling/painting and gaming. So it's all worth it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Iron Warriors Predator (CSM)

     A random spur of the moment project for my upcoming game using my CSM these Sunday was to paint the spare rhino I had for my Iron Warriors. This tank only has magnetized sponsons unlike the Imperial Fist one and I wasn't able to chaos it up very much do to the spikes blocking the mobility to the turret. Also the Iron Warriors never liked fancy things anyway preferring bare function to anything else.

     Tank all primed and based painted. I tried to tape off sections on the front to do the chevrons and whatnot that make the Iron Warriors vehicles stand out. But that got mucked up a big so I ended up filling those spaces in with black and redoing all those details by hand. The sponson las-cannons also have the black and yellow stripes on them, and those were also painted by hand. Those lines were a pain to free hand.

     Then lastly I started working on dirtying up the tank. Can't have clean tanks for Iron Warriors. Chaos or not they're in the trenches doing the dirty work. Looking forward to fielding this alongside my world eaters as the heavy support. I've always like the color scheme for Iron Warriors but they don't quite have enough going for them to make a complete army of them.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Imperial Fist Transports and Armour

     As I've mentioned before I've been making progress (slow progress) on finishing up my the paint jobs on my Imperial Fist. Right now the main focus is taking the vehicles and getting them looking nice since before they were at best 2 colors (yellow/leadbelcher). First things done were the drop pods which aren't actually done yet but playable and identifiable based on company. The red one on the right is 3rd company for use with Sgt Garadon and his tactical squad. The black one is first company and is generally used for my Ironclad so the inside was left empty. Sometimes it's used for Sternguard though.

     Second thing I did work on was tanks. I still want to put markings on the top hatches of each rhino, just haven't gotten around to it. The main thing was marking them as 3rd company transports for tactical squads. The Predator was also marked as third company with a devastator squad marker on it to show it's use as a heavy support option.
     Last thing I did on the predator is get all the guns painted. Also have sponson lascannons, and lascannon and auto cannon turret options magnetized to fit the tank. Then did some random other details like adding the roman numeral 7 to the side for 7th legion/chapter. Very happy with how the tanks turned out an now just need to do some shading on them, followed by some weathering.

     Lastly I finished my centurions. I might do some weathering around the legs. Some grey weathering powder or something to help represent the rubble they're striding through. Other then that I think they're pretty much done. Next up will be finishing my Terminators and Sternguard, who have sate half painted for a very long time.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Armour through the Ages/HH paint schemes

    Hey all, another update and first one in a while move next week and have a decent amount of stuff packed up so post will be slow until after moving is done. Played a around a bit last week with testing some rough color schemes for a Horus Heresy army. I'm determined to make one of the armies from Betrayal, which one is still up in the air. The above model is a conversion I did for fun as a model for Saul Tarvitz. Sometime down the line if I pick up more HH Emperor's Children I will probably redo the model but for the time being this model works. I also still have 5 Phoenix Terminators sitting in a drawer unbuilt and unprimed.

     Here I started working on painting my armour through the ages. Here they are with just base coats on them of their main colors. The Death guard is primed white with "Warboss green" on the shoulders. The World Eater is primed white with 2 coats of Army Painters "deep blue" I believe it's called with trim outlined in "balthazar gold". The Emperor's Children is primed "Alien Purple" (Army Painter) which is an awesome primer for those who paint purple armies. Then lastly the Sons of Horus model is primed black with a few thin layers of Army Painter "Army Green". I would like the point out that this armour through the ages set is probably as old as I am.

Almost finished World Eater.

Almost finished Son of Horus model. 

     All of the guys completed (minus bases) sitting on a laptop. My painting lamp burnt out and so I had to find a new light source for pictures. In the mean time my main focus lately has been touching up my Imperial Fist and getting my World Eaters playable. Using them this Sunday in a 1500 point game and hoping they do well. But won't hold my breath. But more on that later.

Friday, February 7, 2014

World Eaters update

     So working on my world eaters trying to get them playable. This week I'll be getting my red primer in the mail and should be here soon. I now have 28 Berserkers, 3 champions (2 with power axes), 13 with chain axes, 3 with icons of wrath, and all the rest normal load-outs. Lord Zhufor is almost finished and my other Chaos Lord is still sitting off to the side. I have a land raider and rhino built both covered in spikes, just missing the legion specific doors. But those will be here eventually.

The berserkers that aren't painted.

     My goals now that I have Zhufor, transports, and troops. I need to start working on making this army playable. I'm thinking 10 more raptors for a full squad of 15 of them. Those with a full squad of 10 bikes would give my army enough speed to close the gap into the enemy deployment zone to start slaughtering the enemy. 10 bikes with mok and Icons of wrath would be awesome alone, but if I paired them with a Khorne lord on juggernaut and axe of blind furry it could be a devastating combo. 

Hobby update!

     Been way to busy lately between work, school, and packing. Moving in a few weeks and hopefully into a place where I can set up a dedicated gaming table and some more shelves for models. In the mean time I have found some time to work on some smaller side projects and work on finishing up and shading models I've started and then got distracted from. Which is like halve of my army...

     One of the projects I've been putting off for a while is a Ordo Malleus Inquisitor for taking on Daemon princes. Using Empyrean brain mines and the Grimoire of True names I believe it's called the Inquisitor can pretty much destroy any daemon with his daemon hammer. For everything else there's psycannon shots.This guy is converted from a Black Reach terminator captain I believe, using termy parts from my bits box and some random weapon bits for the psycannon since I didn't have the bit for that. I think the model turned out well and fits along Lysander quite happily. 

Inquisitor shoulder pad I spent to much time and money

     Another project I've been slowly working on is going through my army and doing the shading. Most of the models don't even have wash. Another thing they were missing is edge highlights, which helps the armour seem a bit brighter. I like the golden color the wash gives the yellow, but sometimes it appears to dark. So as time progresses I hope to get this fix. The above you can see the difference it makes on the Centurions.

     Another project on the table is my World Eaters, which have spent most of their time sitting on the shelf. I got this model from a friend in a trade, giving up a Vindicator for it. I also ordered some Land Raider and Rhino doors finally for my World Eaters LR and Rhino hanging out in the drawer behind me. Zhufor is an awesome looking model and putting it on the field should be fun. Waiting on some Army Painter primer (Dragon Red) to finish the army. Just don't want to paint all of this by brush....

Zhufor the bits.

My little warhorse.