Thursday, February 13, 2014

Armour through the Ages/HH paint schemes

    Hey all, another update and first one in a while move next week and have a decent amount of stuff packed up so post will be slow until after moving is done. Played a around a bit last week with testing some rough color schemes for a Horus Heresy army. I'm determined to make one of the armies from Betrayal, which one is still up in the air. The above model is a conversion I did for fun as a model for Saul Tarvitz. Sometime down the line if I pick up more HH Emperor's Children I will probably redo the model but for the time being this model works. I also still have 5 Phoenix Terminators sitting in a drawer unbuilt and unprimed.

     Here I started working on painting my armour through the ages. Here they are with just base coats on them of their main colors. The Death guard is primed white with "Warboss green" on the shoulders. The World Eater is primed white with 2 coats of Army Painters "deep blue" I believe it's called with trim outlined in "balthazar gold". The Emperor's Children is primed "Alien Purple" (Army Painter) which is an awesome primer for those who paint purple armies. Then lastly the Sons of Horus model is primed black with a few thin layers of Army Painter "Army Green". I would like the point out that this armour through the ages set is probably as old as I am.

Almost finished World Eater.

Almost finished Son of Horus model. 

     All of the guys completed (minus bases) sitting on a laptop. My painting lamp burnt out and so I had to find a new light source for pictures. In the mean time my main focus lately has been touching up my Imperial Fist and getting my World Eaters playable. Using them this Sunday in a 1500 point game and hoping they do well. But won't hold my breath. But more on that later.

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  1. Ahahaha these are awesome, nice painting bruh, ;)
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