Friday, February 7, 2014

Hobby update!

     Been way to busy lately between work, school, and packing. Moving in a few weeks and hopefully into a place where I can set up a dedicated gaming table and some more shelves for models. In the mean time I have found some time to work on some smaller side projects and work on finishing up and shading models I've started and then got distracted from. Which is like halve of my army...

     One of the projects I've been putting off for a while is a Ordo Malleus Inquisitor for taking on Daemon princes. Using Empyrean brain mines and the Grimoire of True names I believe it's called the Inquisitor can pretty much destroy any daemon with his daemon hammer. For everything else there's psycannon shots.This guy is converted from a Black Reach terminator captain I believe, using termy parts from my bits box and some random weapon bits for the psycannon since I didn't have the bit for that. I think the model turned out well and fits along Lysander quite happily. 

Inquisitor shoulder pad I spent to much time and money

     Another project I've been slowly working on is going through my army and doing the shading. Most of the models don't even have wash. Another thing they were missing is edge highlights, which helps the armour seem a bit brighter. I like the golden color the wash gives the yellow, but sometimes it appears to dark. So as time progresses I hope to get this fix. The above you can see the difference it makes on the Centurions.

     Another project on the table is my World Eaters, which have spent most of their time sitting on the shelf. I got this model from a friend in a trade, giving up a Vindicator for it. I also ordered some Land Raider and Rhino doors finally for my World Eaters LR and Rhino hanging out in the drawer behind me. Zhufor is an awesome looking model and putting it on the field should be fun. Waiting on some Army Painter primer (Dragon Red) to finish the army. Just don't want to paint all of this by brush....

Zhufor the bits.

My little warhorse.

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