Friday, February 14, 2014

Imperial Fist Transports and Armour

     As I've mentioned before I've been making progress (slow progress) on finishing up my the paint jobs on my Imperial Fist. Right now the main focus is taking the vehicles and getting them looking nice since before they were at best 2 colors (yellow/leadbelcher). First things done were the drop pods which aren't actually done yet but playable and identifiable based on company. The red one on the right is 3rd company for use with Sgt Garadon and his tactical squad. The black one is first company and is generally used for my Ironclad so the inside was left empty. Sometimes it's used for Sternguard though.

     Second thing I did work on was tanks. I still want to put markings on the top hatches of each rhino, just haven't gotten around to it. The main thing was marking them as 3rd company transports for tactical squads. The Predator was also marked as third company with a devastator squad marker on it to show it's use as a heavy support option.
     Last thing I did on the predator is get all the guns painted. Also have sponson lascannons, and lascannon and auto cannon turret options magnetized to fit the tank. Then did some random other details like adding the roman numeral 7 to the side for 7th legion/chapter. Very happy with how the tanks turned out an now just need to do some shading on them, followed by some weathering.

     Lastly I finished my centurions. I might do some weathering around the legs. Some grey weathering powder or something to help represent the rubble they're striding through. Other then that I think they're pretty much done. Next up will be finishing my Terminators and Sternguard, who have sate half painted for a very long time.

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