Saturday, February 15, 2014

Iron Warriors Predator (CSM)

     A random spur of the moment project for my upcoming game using my CSM these Sunday was to paint the spare rhino I had for my Iron Warriors. This tank only has magnetized sponsons unlike the Imperial Fist one and I wasn't able to chaos it up very much do to the spikes blocking the mobility to the turret. Also the Iron Warriors never liked fancy things anyway preferring bare function to anything else.

     Tank all primed and based painted. I tried to tape off sections on the front to do the chevrons and whatnot that make the Iron Warriors vehicles stand out. But that got mucked up a big so I ended up filling those spaces in with black and redoing all those details by hand. The sponson las-cannons also have the black and yellow stripes on them, and those were also painted by hand. Those lines were a pain to free hand.

     Then lastly I started working on dirtying up the tank. Can't have clean tanks for Iron Warriors. Chaos or not they're in the trenches doing the dirty work. Looking forward to fielding this alongside my world eaters as the heavy support. I've always like the color scheme for Iron Warriors but they don't quite have enough going for them to make a complete army of them.

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