Friday, February 28, 2014

Minor updates

     So finally got most of my apartment set up minus the gaming table, which is okay for now because I don't have any good terrain yet. Still working on that... Did manage to get my shelves all set up though so I can have my armies on shelves instead of boxes now. Will need to rearrange some stuff to free up another shelf for Titans and Knights and other cool Mechanicum related stuff. 

Death Korp of Krieg shelf. This shelf has the most
painted models on it probably. The others look sad.

Ork army. Needs some love.....

Most of my Chaos. Have more berserkers I need to
put on the shelf. Shelf also needs more skulls.

    Another thing I've been working on again as I mentioned in my last post is progress on my fantasy army. Trying to get them all up to at least a 3 color minimum. These guys are all being batch painted and now have grey dry-brushed on and leadbelcher on the blades. Next I will probably pick out all the red details and paint the faces. Should be close to done with them by that point.

     This is the 4th tactical squad with the models cleaned up and base coated yellow. Haven't done much with them since the initial base coats and probably won't any time soon. I'm a bit burnt out on painting yellow marines and need a break to work on other things.

     Lastly the base to my High Elf prince on Griffon. It needs a bit of flock and some other details but I think the fallen and bloody dwarf banner is a nice touch. Will certainly attract attention from my friend playing as dwarves in our fantasy campaign. Which is mostly the point of this. 

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