Friday, February 7, 2014

World Eaters update

     So working on my world eaters trying to get them playable. This week I'll be getting my red primer in the mail and should be here soon. I now have 28 Berserkers, 3 champions (2 with power axes), 13 with chain axes, 3 with icons of wrath, and all the rest normal load-outs. Lord Zhufor is almost finished and my other Chaos Lord is still sitting off to the side. I have a land raider and rhino built both covered in spikes, just missing the legion specific doors. But those will be here eventually.

The berserkers that aren't painted.

     My goals now that I have Zhufor, transports, and troops. I need to start working on making this army playable. I'm thinking 10 more raptors for a full squad of 15 of them. Those with a full squad of 10 bikes would give my army enough speed to close the gap into the enemy deployment zone to start slaughtering the enemy. 10 bikes with mok and Icons of wrath would be awesome alone, but if I paired them with a Khorne lord on juggernaut and axe of blind furry it could be a devastating combo. 

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