Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bray'arth painting (part1?)

     So started painting Bray'arth and while He's far from complete I'm very happy with the progress I've made. The model isn't glued together at the wast, arms, and flag pole for making painting easier. Left some of the other random gubbins off as well. Hopefully that doesn't cause me any odd issues later. Model is undercoated black with a later layer of warboss green for the base coat.

Lightened up the warboss green with "snot green" or 
whatever it's called now. Filled in the planet and the drake
head icons.

Base layers of gold on the gold bits and Averland Sunset
where the fire will be.

Fire drybrushed orange and then very lightly with red.
     At this point the body is mostly done apart from highlights and a few random details. Plan to start working on the arms maybe this weekend sometime. Main priority paint wise right now is my high elves as I have a game on Sunday and don't want to pay points tax for unpainted models.

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