Monday, March 10, 2014

Knight Titan (part 2?)

      So while I realize I'm now running a bit behind I wanted to post pics of my Knight Titan from painting it. Won't go into to much detail on my absence lately but I've mainly just been very busy. I have been getting painting done though and my desktop is now mostly fixed so hopefully I can get more blogs done.

Torso primed black and painted leadbelcher. Coated with
lots of nuln oil afterwords.

Top of carapace. Primed black and then based red,
then taped off and primed yellow. Black hazard striped
are penciled in and then filled with abaddon black.

Base was primed last as I wanted to put a lot of stuff on it.
HAving such a large empty base would have seemed wrong.

Carapace all detailed up!

Legs starting to get details and armour plates.

hazard stripes on knee pad are horrid. Will be redoing that

Almost done!

     Finished Knight Titan. Would like to someday field several of these around with the Legio Metalica in apoc. Someday! In this pic I you can see I finished the transfer's on the model including random awards and kill marks. The banner is left almost blank as I want to put a tally mark on it every time it kills another Knight class model. (ie: dreadknight, wraithknight, riptide, knight titan) Someday I might also go back and touch up on the shading a bit more. Those of you who paint these and want to save time, I'd get the silver/leadbelcher style primer from army painter and a can of quick shade. Maybe a can of the red primer for the front of the armour plates. This would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of leadbelcher.

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