Friday, March 28, 2014

Xbox One break!

     So been distracted for a while with the release of the Titanfall xbox one bundle among other things. To say the least the game is awesome and I'd like to do a review for it once I have time. The Xbox One is definitely the most expensive  single "recreational" purchase I've made in a long time and I was really worried at first it wouldn't offer enough over the 360 that's server me well for so long. Needless to say now that I've had a few weeks with it I fully welcome this new console generation and look forward to what games can be put out on this and it's rival system.

     The game I've played the most so far is Titanfall but I also have Thief, Peggle 2, Ryse, Zoo Tycoon, and Tomb Raider on it thanks to some friends who had acquired some copies from GDC. My goal with the games on this system is to 100% the ones I have if I can before getting new games. I would also like to keep as many games and addons digital if all possible as not needing to switch out disc or have another dozen cases on a shelf in my apartment I think will be nice. The future is going all digital so why not embrace it!

     I'm also hoping this console generation I can keep up with the games as the release. Towards the second half of the Xbox 360's life space I started to wait several months before getting games. Generally waiting until they went down to the 30-40 dollar range. Granted some games just aren't worth a full 60 to some people. So nothing is really wrong with waiting. 

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