Saturday, July 25, 2015

Update!!!!!!!! (picture heavy!)

     I've been out of the loop and have had no will to right or update this page for almost a year now but I figure I'll get back into it now! So to pick things up again here is a picture intense post that will act as a brief overview of all my various painting projects from the last few months. 

Thousand Sons sorcerer and some Rubricae test paints! 
I have 1 squad of these guys I got from a friend and they were 
an interesting break from my core projects.

Thousand Sons sorcerer lord in termy armour. This conversion
was to test making the crest using plasticard and bits.

Another addition to my Deathwatch Killteam for my SM army.
Hopefully someday Deathwatch teams will get actual rules.

Potential HH army, Got these guys free from a friend and
painting purple has been a new and interesting experience.

Ironclad Dreadnought talon!

First squad of painted Skitarii

Forces of Forge World Metalica!

Dragoon squads! 

Testing the airbrushes I got for Christmas.

I'm really bad with these and probably shouldn't have them.
But now that FW has a paint line for them I may need to practice
with them more.

Noise marines for Lols

Harlequins I started working on before I realized Admech
was coming to 40K. Then they got sold to buy more Admech...

More Skitarii!

Finally got a contemptor dreadnought for my Imperial Fist.
Still haven't finished painting him....

redoing my Vengeance weapon batteries from generic paint
scheme to FW Metalica's.

FW turret. I want to recast and make a couple with
TL-Heavy Bolters to represent the dawn of war turrets for
SM faction.

The force I used at a recent 2v2 tournament.

Oddly enough this guy lives.

The combat that one the battle! Fist and Templar unite against
the traitorous guardsmen.

Sons of Dorn march again.

My brushes all were dead from months of abuse so I replaced
them all at once. Expensive initial purchase but well worth it.

CSM Rhino for my world eaters.

The most detailed escape hatch I'll ever paint!

A messy painting station!

My first game of Age of Sigmar.

Chariot died but it took 3 turns and did 4 wounds!

My Stormcast Eternal army!

     Then finally, My painting progress on Stormcast. I'm using the painting video on the GW youtube and the guy on right is the final product and first guy finished with this paint scheme. Pretty happy with how he turned out and I can't wait to see him on the table.

     With a new job in a new town I will hopefully have more time again for painting and updating this page. Especially as I work on my new AoS and 40K armies, and continue to argue with myself which Horus Heresy legion will be coolest. Someday I'll decide....