Saturday, July 25, 2015

Update!!!!!!!! (picture heavy!)

     I've been out of the loop and have had no will to right or update this page for almost a year now but I figure I'll get back into it now! So to pick things up again here is a picture intense post that will act as a brief overview of all my various painting projects from the last few months. 

Thousand Sons sorcerer and some Rubricae test paints! 
I have 1 squad of these guys I got from a friend and they were 
an interesting break from my core projects.

Thousand Sons sorcerer lord in termy armour. This conversion
was to test making the crest using plasticard and bits.

Another addition to my Deathwatch Killteam for my SM army.
Hopefully someday Deathwatch teams will get actual rules.

Potential HH army, Got these guys free from a friend and
painting purple has been a new and interesting experience.

Ironclad Dreadnought talon!

First squad of painted Skitarii

Forces of Forge World Metalica!

Dragoon squads! 

Testing the airbrushes I got for Christmas.

I'm really bad with these and probably shouldn't have them.
But now that FW has a paint line for them I may need to practice
with them more.

Noise marines for Lols

Harlequins I started working on before I realized Admech
was coming to 40K. Then they got sold to buy more Admech...

More Skitarii!

Finally got a contemptor dreadnought for my Imperial Fist.
Still haven't finished painting him....

redoing my Vengeance weapon batteries from generic paint
scheme to FW Metalica's.

FW turret. I want to recast and make a couple with
TL-Heavy Bolters to represent the dawn of war turrets for
SM faction.

The force I used at a recent 2v2 tournament.

Oddly enough this guy lives.

The combat that one the battle! Fist and Templar unite against
the traitorous guardsmen.

Sons of Dorn march again.

My brushes all were dead from months of abuse so I replaced
them all at once. Expensive initial purchase but well worth it.

CSM Rhino for my world eaters.

The most detailed escape hatch I'll ever paint!

A messy painting station!

My first game of Age of Sigmar.

Chariot died but it took 3 turns and did 4 wounds!

My Stormcast Eternal army!

     Then finally, My painting progress on Stormcast. I'm using the painting video on the GW youtube and the guy on right is the final product and first guy finished with this paint scheme. Pretty happy with how he turned out and I can't wait to see him on the table.

     With a new job in a new town I will hopefully have more time again for painting and updating this page. Especially as I work on my new AoS and 40K armies, and continue to argue with myself which Horus Heresy legion will be coolest. Someday I'll decide....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Librarian of the Imperial Fist

     So in my ongoing progress to build the whole 3rd company I've been working on all the command units. Most recent progress is on the 3rd company librarian using bits from my original librarian conversion and some grey knight bits. (ie: staff and psychic hood) I don't know how often I will use it but I'd like to at some point play a fluffly list with as much of the Sentinals of Terra present as possible (ie: librarian with bones of Osrak)

     I have to say this is definitely way better then that DV librarian conversion. Next goal is to get my chaplain and command squad finished. But that's a for a later day. In need this guy to give support to some of my shootier squads. Figure lascannon dev's with a divination librarian and tank hunter should be able to kill any tank without effort. That's the plan anyways!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Xbox One break!

     So been distracted for a while with the release of the Titanfall xbox one bundle among other things. To say the least the game is awesome and I'd like to do a review for it once I have time. The Xbox One is definitely the most expensive  single "recreational" purchase I've made in a long time and I was really worried at first it wouldn't offer enough over the 360 that's server me well for so long. Needless to say now that I've had a few weeks with it I fully welcome this new console generation and look forward to what games can be put out on this and it's rival system.

     The game I've played the most so far is Titanfall but I also have Thief, Peggle 2, Ryse, Zoo Tycoon, and Tomb Raider on it thanks to some friends who had acquired some copies from GDC. My goal with the games on this system is to 100% the ones I have if I can before getting new games. I would also like to keep as many games and addons digital if all possible as not needing to switch out disc or have another dozen cases on a shelf in my apartment I think will be nice. The future is going all digital so why not embrace it!

     I'm also hoping this console generation I can keep up with the games as the release. Towards the second half of the Xbox 360's life space I started to wait several months before getting games. Generally waiting until they went down to the 30-40 dollar range. Granted some games just aren't worth a full 60 to some people. So nothing is really wrong with waiting. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Knight Titan (part 2?)

      So while I realize I'm now running a bit behind I wanted to post pics of my Knight Titan from painting it. Won't go into to much detail on my absence lately but I've mainly just been very busy. I have been getting painting done though and my desktop is now mostly fixed so hopefully I can get more blogs done.

Torso primed black and painted leadbelcher. Coated with
lots of nuln oil afterwords.

Top of carapace. Primed black and then based red,
then taped off and primed yellow. Black hazard striped
are penciled in and then filled with abaddon black.

Base was primed last as I wanted to put a lot of stuff on it.
HAving such a large empty base would have seemed wrong.

Carapace all detailed up!

Legs starting to get details and armour plates.

hazard stripes on knee pad are horrid. Will be redoing that

Almost done!

     Finished Knight Titan. Would like to someday field several of these around with the Legio Metalica in apoc. Someday! In this pic I you can see I finished the transfer's on the model including random awards and kill marks. The banner is left almost blank as I want to put a tally mark on it every time it kills another Knight class model. (ie: dreadknight, wraithknight, riptide, knight titan) Someday I might also go back and touch up on the shading a bit more. Those of you who paint these and want to save time, I'd get the silver/leadbelcher style primer from army painter and a can of quick shade. Maybe a can of the red primer for the front of the armour plates. This would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of leadbelcher.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Knight Titans

     Picked up a knight titan, every one else has one why shouldn't I. That was my logic anyway.  I saw the model in my game store and it was the last one so I decided to just break and get it. A little bit of buyers remorse but then I opened the box and man is it awesome. Lots of big pieces and tons of little tiny detaily bits. 

     Pics of the sprues. The set has 3 sprues in it and isn't the biggest kit ever. I would say if you were to judge the amount of plastic in the kit compared to say the LR they'd be about the same value. Now this kit is a lot more detailed and complex which does get it some justification towards higher price point but still not enough to justify the almost 70 dollar difference from GW. But that's just me. Still an awesome kit. .

The base is huge. That's all there is to be said about it.

     The transfers I can see GW has improved upon a lot and I can't wait to see the ones the new chaos kits are suppose to have. These ones form better to rounded surfaces and have a lot less of that clear blank space around each transfer sticker.

Base and legs size.

The base of the body. Here you can really see the complexity
of the frame.

Frame with no armour plates all assembled.
          Armour plates left off for painting. Gonna be a long process and I wish I had more colors of army painter primer. Having their metal base coat primer would be really awesome for spraying down the frame quick. But guess I'm going to have to suck it up and use a brush. Armour plates will all be red for Mechanicum based knight house. But more on that in a later post.....

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bray'arth painting (part1?)

     So started painting Bray'arth and while He's far from complete I'm very happy with the progress I've made. The model isn't glued together at the wast, arms, and flag pole for making painting easier. Left some of the other random gubbins off as well. Hopefully that doesn't cause me any odd issues later. Model is undercoated black with a later layer of warboss green for the base coat.

Lightened up the warboss green with "snot green" or 
whatever it's called now. Filled in the planet and the drake
head icons.

Base layers of gold on the gold bits and Averland Sunset
where the fire will be.

Fire drybrushed orange and then very lightly with red.
     At this point the body is mostly done apart from highlights and a few random details. Plan to start working on the arms maybe this weekend sometime. Main priority paint wise right now is my high elves as I have a game on Sunday and don't want to pay points tax for unpainted models.