Monday, December 31, 2012

The years end, and the Crusade of Fire begins.

 The year is coming to a close now, and so I'd like to state my intentions for the year here on a blog to few people read.

1.) I'd like to be more active with posting on my blog. I want more people to come here, and that will require me making more interesting content.

2.) I want to get more pictures up of what I'm painting. A big part of what the Warhammer internet community is, is sharing our creations. and I want to support that.

3.) Going to purchase a Deimos pattern Predator Executioner for my Imperial Fist. Those things are awesome.

I know its nothing overly complex... Maybe I should have come up with more ambitious goals. Not sure...

This month though I will also be starting a battle report that will follow my gaming group on its play through of the "Crusade of Fire" campaign. Including turn by turn maps of the star system as its explored and occupied by various armies from the 3 factions. I will be fighting with the Imperium using my Imperial Fist lead by my 'Grand Warlord' Darnath Lysander. Should be a fun time.

If anyone wants any info on the campaign or wants to know more about the demon rules/arena rules just post here or message me somehow. I have the book in both physical and digital formats. ;)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Assassins Creed 3 makes me sad...

One of my favorite franchises in the video game industry is Assassins Creed. Everything from the story to the game play has always been a enjoyable experience from start to finish. Until this last week....

Finally getting to sit down and play AC3 this last week was very exciting to me. I liked the setting for the story especially since it brings up something most people in my country have forgotten about somehow. Freedom. But while the story itself is awesome, the game play seems to be lacking. The game starts off at a horrendously slow pace and doesn't really start to shine until memory segment 6 or what ever it is when you get to help throw some tea of boats during the Boston Tea Party. The combat from the last few games differs now to as you can't just win everything by counterattacking, you need to break defense to. But this small change to the combat has made it clunky and it now takes forever just to kill a few guys. Taking out 4 red coats should be fun, not a chore. The last and final complaint is the liberal use of cut scenes. I feel like I'm shoved in and out of them every five seconds, getting control of Conner just long enough to walk from the bar to the door or vice verse before being hit with another cut scene. This breaks the flow of game play a lot and murders the suspension of disbelief.

Now despite all this games faults compared to its brethren, its still a solid game. I still recommend it to people who want something unique and not a shooter. Just remember to play the other games to.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dark Vengeance.

Oh September...
Such a busy month with this whole silly starter set thing. Needless to say I got one. GW is like a black whole for people's wallets. Also almost finished painting a land raider for my Imperial Fist I managed to get off Ebay for 30 bucks. Also need to finish putting magnets into the sponson and doors. Would hate to have to buy 2 of these things just to use each configuration.

Now onto the Dark Vengeance models... I traded all the chaos ones I got to a friend for his DA stuff except for one of the lords. I think the amount of detail they have in these snap together models makes fine cast almost pointless. Really need to get around to finishing the painting on this batch before I start the other set of theses guys. All together though should have about 1500 points of DA now for about 80 bucks after.

 The lone chaos lord, painted for the black legion as I felt those colors fit these models best. (Though the Hellbrute screams Nurgle if you ask me.) Also decided to add a little something special to his base. Ultra smurfs really aren't my thing.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sons of Dorn

\Recently started playing Warhammer 40,000 as a way of taking a break from video games. I think I picked a good time to start having purchased my Black Reach starter set right before the 6th edition launched and adding some more stuff in the mean time. The army I started is pretty standard Space Marine army painted and constructed to fit the fluff and look of the Imperial Fist chapter. Apart from the color scheme having a nice appeal, I liked the fluff. The Imperial Fist are masters of defense, and very stubborn. (Even by space marine standards)

As you can probably tell the vast majority of my army is from started sets with a few devastator squads thrown in and a chaplain I found at a flea market for 2 dollars (got a bunch of metal mini's from there.)

My next goal is to add in some more armor (at least 1 or 2 tanks) and a Thunderfire cannon or two.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Table top gaming and blogging?

A few things.

1.) This Blog spot thing really confuses the crap out of me, my web design job has me working mainly in word-press. I chose Blog spot(?) because I like being able to use my Google account and I can more easily share my blog with other people in the 40K hobby.

2.) I think Video Games have fallen out of their 'Golden Age' now and have become quite dull and boring. I suppose its only a matter of time before this happened though. My only hope for them is the current Indy Developer movement and the push to eliminate publishers in order to keep creativity to where it needs to be. Also EA is a terrible company that represents all things evil in this industry and you should never work for them.

3.) I spend only a few hours a week now playing video games. I've decided to go play more 'traditional' games like Warhammer 40,000 and Dungeons and Dragons. As someone who has studied game design I think its important to play games such as these as Warhammer and D&D are the bases for most RTS and RPG games and how all of there mechanics work. So I plan to blog more about my experience in these games and several others, and maybe post some pictures of my armies and miniatures I've painted. Heck maybe even a battle report.... maybe....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Unproductive productivity.

I have programmed nothing, I have been lazier then lazy can be lately when it comes to making games. Instead of been doing fun things like working! Also I have been playing more table top games then video games recently. Which has been an odd change of pace but the refreshing view and games offered by a non-digital medium is pretty cool and has done a lot to help bring out inspiration I've been lacking in for so long. So this week. This week I will hopefully post something fun and productive. Like a game or something....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's been a loooong time.

Well, seeing as I have not updated this blog since I made it, I figure I might as well today. I really don’t have anything to say right now other then I’m bored out of my mind. I’m currently taking a break from school in order to avoid the idiocy that what my classmates. Who knew game design classes were a good way to find dumb people? On the bright side, it did make me feel better about myself and my own creative abilities.
A lot of people see Game Design being offered at the collage I go to and think, “hey! I like playing video games, this would be a great job for me!”. Sadly Mr.Random high schooler, but your wrong. Just because you don’t have an overly negative Kill/Death ratio in Call of Duty does not mean your cut out to design games. Most people go into the program with this mentality and the most they can do is design square levels with stick figures. Hell, most kids don’t even know what they want to do in the game industry, they just signed up for the classes because the words video and game were in the title and thought it would be okay. You need to research the field and industry as a whole in figure out where you can apply your talents. (assuming you have them) Otherwise the most your life will amount to is a shitty logo on a blog page nobody cares about while you work a dead end job pushing carts and a local food store.
Video game design is a shit ton of work you probably never imagined existed. Sadly no designer in the world can just pull games out of their ass and the ones that try fail. Even the worst games required some actual effort. Also, for the record. Those adds on Facebook with the scantly clad females holding controls and advertising degree’s playing games? Those are a lie. The only job where all you really do is play a game is Q&A testing. Which is basically 40 hours a week of testing an Xbox port of board games and children games. So when you see those ads, remember. ITS A TRAP!
Thank you for reading this angry rant.