Saturday, March 23, 2013

Couple updates from the hobby.

     Some curious updates as to the direction of our Hobby. Games Workshop has is enacting a bunch of new policies, specifically here in the US. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about this here but a lot of people are up in arms about this, One online retailer is going to stop being a retailer, and the bitz market is being given the axe all thanks to these new policies. What I want to discuss, is what to we the players do in this situation? Here's my take on it....

1.) Calm down. A lot of people are getting mad and threatening to kill the hobby. The problem is, is this hobby is fun, and your going to ruin it faster for everyone by leaving it then Games Workshop is with their policies and prices. Do what you can to remain a part of the hobby, play the games, and don't buy GW direct (see step 2)

2.) Don't buy from GW direct when ever you can help it if at all. Buy from the retailers that use Ebay, order from Spikeybits, or go to a local game shop that isn't owned or affiliated with GW. GW is enacting these policies to force people to buy from them and that isn't fair.

3.) This part is more or less optional but I don't feel GW will really understand it's flaws unless enough people tell them. If enough people don't buy from GW direct they will just continue to blame the non GW retailers online and off. So we need to tell them. Email and let them know they are doing stupid things and upsetting you as a their customer. One person won't get their attention but if a few thousand did this they would have to notice. But don't start swearing and telling them they suck. That takes all the rationalness out of your argument and will make them ignore you.

4.) Look back at step 1 again. Keep calm and game on, this is our hobby!

     I haven't been in this hobby for even a year, but I want to stay in it. I want to get my friends and my brother into it. Yes there is other war games you could play, but none have the ability to customize  collect and grow an army in the same way you can in 40K. You can always make crazier bigger armies and have bigger crazier games with all the story you could want to add or throw in. You can do so much with this hobby. That's what attracted me as a young game design student.

    In other news.... ForgeWorld has release a bunch of new heresy era weapon bits (plasma guns, rotary guns, etc) and some Heresy era bikes, and I must say the bikes look awesome. I think these would be well used in a Ravenwing or White Scars denote a more important squad, They would make awesome Ravenwing black knights while the command squad could take Jet bikes. Just an idea...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deimos rhino's and painting.

     Been working on painting my rhino's and it's a bit easier now to see where it didn't fit together properly. A small gripe as I would never win a painting contest of any kind anyway but hey... I can dream! One of the thing I think would make a huge difference with painting things like this is an airbrush. Painting large vehicles with a brush isn't fun and it doesn't always look good. One thing that did help though was thinning the base coat a lot with window cleaner. I didn't think that would actually work but I suppose I was proved wrong. Hopefully my roommate doesn't notice I used all of her window cleaner to thin my paints....

     hoping to get the base colors of yellow, red, and leadbelcher on the rhino's tonight so tomorrow and Friday I can focus on the fancy detail work and the transfer sheets. This weekend will be keeping me busy as I try to catch up on all the Crusade of Fire related stuff I've been behind on updating because of the business of life. Will probably also be posting some Tau model pics as I've been helping my friend start his Tau army.

Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator Armour completed!

    Well, one of my goals for the last week was to finally finish this guy! I loved the look and feel of the interrogator chaplains and I think this guy cam our really well. I used Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus bits, Cataphractii arms/guns, Chaos terminator body, and the AobR Terminator Sergeants legs, and some bits from Deathwing kit. I think he needs some scripture and wording added to the shoulder plates buy I haven't decided yet. Either way I can't wait to play a game with this guy on the tabletop.

 Back view of the Chaplain so you can see his nifty cloak.

This last image doesn't really pertain to anything, I just found
this paint pot in my local gaming store and thought it was funny.
It looked like it had some issues and the dark gods gave it 2 labels...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Deimos pattern Rhino tanks!

     A couple of days of being sick and my truck broke down and probably needs a new engine. Not a fun week, and the repairs on my truck will suck up all of my hobby money but such is life. I'm happy to say though the whole week was not a total loss and I got my Deimos pattern Rhinos Friday night! A little bit of a pain to put together compared to their all plastic brethren but I got it done. Mostly. Also I don't think these are legit FW kits which explains why the plastic pieces are also cast in resin and the models were dirt cheap. But you live and learn! 

All the pieces as they arrived!

Fitting the body together. As you can see these parts
are all resin as well. Which is weird.

All the standard sides/doors/front come in the kit so I
have a lot of parts I could do conversions with! Thinking
maybe terrain of sorts.

Mostly done with the first rhino!

A comparison to the standard rhino's I use in my DA army.

Two almost finished rhino's!

Finally, primed and ready to paint yellow! Wish I had a
faster way to paint base coat then brush...

    All in all I'm very happy with these models even though they aren't real FW one's. They're well done recast and we're in my poor collage budget. A crap ton more cleaning is needed though compared to a real FW model, and not being a hybrid plastic resin kit also add's to the things that make this a pain to build. Tomorrow I will get some painting progress pictures up!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

updates and sick days.

    Well, I somehow managed to get sick. Pretty much kept me in bed for the better part of my day off and today. I did however get some work done on my DA though not as much as I would have liked. My current focus for the day since I can't do much more then sit at my PC is work on some of my non modeling 40K projects. To better accommodate my plans I made a new page on the this blog that can be found Here!

     In the mean time I need to help my friend start a Tau army. With rumor mill saying they're up next for codex, we figured it would be a safe time to get some models before they can change price wise to much. Would also be nice to see more Tau armies on tabletops. The models are to cool to not be used...

Monday, March 11, 2013

A day off! Thank the Emperor!

     Have a day off for the first time in 2-3 weeks so very happy. The ability to sit at home, watch The Hobbit on my xbox and paint is nice. I plan to finish as much of my Dark Angels today as possible as I want to have them tabletop ready for when they are needed. I've noticed I have a hard time bringing myself to play them after using my Imperial Fist so long. I'm just attached to my first army I guess...

Here is the first squad of Deathwing pretty much finished.
Some edge highlighting is still needed but not much.

    Was also very happy last Friday to order a pair of Deimos pattern rhinos. I should have gotten the 3 pack but didn't think of it at the time. I want to use Deimos pattern rhino's and tanks in my Imperial Fist so they have more then just a different color on the vehicles they have. My Dark Angels will continue to use Standard Rhino's and vehicles. While FW models are expensive and a bit harder to get in America, I like the different look they give my army. Just something as small as a rhino shape can make it seem a bit more unique.

    Lastly for those who are interested, a early version of the pdf cover for the Index Astartes "Update" I'm working on, and plan to use for campaigns and leagues in our local gaming group. Still debating how much fluff type stuff I should include into though if any. Don't feel like pissing of GW, lol.

Later I will be back to post progress on my DA, so until then, it is lunch time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Arena of Death PDF

     So after some work and a lot of stuck in on a snow today, I finally have Revision 1.2 of this ready to go. Looking for some constructive criticism on the project. As someone who went to school for game design and simulation programming, It's been fun to work on as well as an interesting challenge compared to working on making rules for a video game. Will be play testing this more next weekend probably, as I want to get some balance issues figured out. Also need to get a hold of a Necron codex as that seems to be the only codex since 2nd edition I don't have on my computer. As it stands though the pdf needs a lot of work yet and certain bits of it may need to be changed.

If you like it, please share it. If you don't, please tell me why. If you hate it... well... be gentle. lol

Later today I should have time to make another post, I just wanted to get this up finally. I have the cover and several pages done on my project to update the "Index Astartes".

Thursday, March 7, 2013

M.A.G.E-Con Spring

     So below is a link to MAGE-con spring, probably the largest gaming thing a small town like mine has to offer. But I implore anyone who has a chance to join us for the weekend. Saturday will be a lot of Star Wars board games including X-wing. One of my friends even has an awesome Deathstar Trench scenario for it but it requires a lot of ships. The only thing that may be a small issue this year is the 40K tourny is being held on Sunday instead of Saturday at about the same time as WFBs tourny. So players will have to pick... I personally don't have enough army for WFB so I will be playing 40K. But I encourage anyone to come to Sioux City and play one of them! It's always nice to see new faces and meet fellow hobbiest from around the internet!

     The tournaments for 40k and WFB are 2000 points and you will be playing 3 games. For 40K all models listed "40K Approved" on this list will be allowed for use in the tournament, so we have some Forgeworld love here. Chapter approved models and rules from White Dwarf, and Death from the skies will also be used. All fortifications, allies, and dual force organization are allowed!

Again, here is list of FW models that can be used for 40K. They must be listed as "40K Approved"

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rules! I like them?

     I'm currently working on a lot of things. From finishing my Dark Angels to growing my High Elves. But on of the project I've been working on is rule sets that can be used for friend games, campaigns, and leagues. First and foremost being my pdf for Arena of Death which will have the Arena of Death rules (slightly clarified), the league rules, and an FAQ to regarding some situations and how they should be handled based on play testing and discussion. The cards required to play will not be in the pdf for copy right issues, as I'm already pushing my luck including the rules for the mission. This may change later on, but that remains to be seen.

    Project number two is a bit more complex. It's a pdf similar to the Index Astartes and will include both updated versions of the old Index Astartes rules and some new ones to help flesh out certain armies and make them feel unique. The first pdf will be for Space Marine Chapters and Chaos Legions based on the original 20 (18) Space Marine Legions made by the Emperor. The first book is almost done. The purpose of these will be to add to the experience of campaigns so people don't have to feel like they are all using the same army different color. If these are received well I will do a Index Xenos book as well.

    Project number three! This one will probably be finished after project 2's first pdf is released. But project 3 is a campaign with a bit more detail and explanation then Crusade of Fire will ever give you. Though it won't have the 50 pages of nonsense battle report either(though I kind of enjoyed that part...).

     One of the greatest things about this hobby is the ability to create not only armies and characters, but campaigns, missions, scenario's as well. Something I think that should be done more as a lot of people seem to rely on Games-Workshop for their stories and fun. This isn't bad but I think there is a lot of talented people on the internet who could design some pretty awesome scenario's and stories for their fellow hobbiest.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Video games and other news.

     So Space Hulk as announced a while back is getting the digital treatment. I for one have never played space hulk and would very much like to sometime, but for what the game would cost to get I could buy a PlayStation 3. So having a turn based strategy game on PC for it would be fantastic. I think the game would also be awesome on Android but Games-Workshop seems to have something against those. Either way I look forward to this very much.

     As far as other video games go, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag seems to be what the series needs to bring it back on track. The last game was good but was to constrained by history to really give you the ability to assassinate things properly. Something the series has been lacking is proper assassinations since AC:2 and 1. Also who doesn't want a game where your a ninja/pirate/assassin/sailer/gunslinger and ladies man? Edward Haythem is like the perfect player character!

     In other news, I found the blog post with the RTT results for the tournament I was at in Omaha.
If I would have just not tied one of the 2 matches I would have had 13 more points and been much farther up the list. But 10th isn't bad for my second tourny since I started this hobby in August. It just means I have to plan better for next time, and plan I shall!

Cornhammer RTT results

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Arena of Death league rules! (revision 2.4)

     Here is a slightly more final rough draft of the Arena of Death League rules I'm working on. This is based on some play testing and studying to get the most balanced game possible. I'm very open to recommendation on how the system could be improved as well as universal wargear options for races as I don't understand xenos races very well since I don't play them. I expect to have the PDF in first draft this week sometime as I plan to start a league in my town. (We don't have a gaming store of any kind to work with here...)

the following is meant to be a second draft/revision thing for an Arena of Death "League" so players can battle their champions from the Arena's of the Dark Eldar to the sparring rings used to help Astartes keep a fighting edge. Your champion will become stronger and better equipped over time as he kills and maims his way to champion! Following revisions of this rule set will be in PDF format and better formatted and organized. Any feedback is appreciated! All rules subject to change! This is meant to act as a supplement for the Arena of Death mission type in the Crusade of Fire Campaign book.

The final document will contain the full rules for both Arena of Death mission type and the League rules. The Arena of Death rules will have some slight clarifications to the wording to help make learning them easier as well as an FAQ at the end. The PDF of the rules will be updated as needed.

The Arena of Death League Rules (Revision 2.4)

Class customization
For the purpose of the league all character "classes" are as having a point value of 100. At the beginning of a league the player will choose one class from the list to represent his champion. As the champion wins more victories in the arena he will be awarded more points to spend on wargear. The cost of wargear can be found in the corresponding codex to the faction/unit (class) you selected. Some extra universal wargear and rule options can be purchased from a list at bottom of this page.

A champion can earn points to purchase wargear, USR's, and upgrades from killing their opponents. The amount of points granted from each kill is equal to 5% of their total points value rounded up. (IE: a figure worth 146 points would award you 8 points when killed) Since all models are given a base point value of 100 for the purpose of this league, you are always guaranteed at least 10 points for each kill. These points can then be spent to unlock wargear and rule options.

If a piece of wargear, a USR, or upgrade are purchased that model cannot get rid of that upgrade for another. He must gain points and buy that upgrade, and then choose which upgrade ones to use during a match (IE: choosing a storm bolter over a combi-plasma if the champion owns both).

The champion must always have Some type of close combat weapon (CCW) whether its just a close combat blade or a Power Scythe.

All champions must be modeled to represent their war gear. (WYSIWYG)

Vehicles and any model with hull points cannot be fielded.

Attachments and retinues of any kind can not be taken (ie a command squad)

Named characters cannon be fielded as they can't improve over time and are not balanced during the beginning of the leagues.

If a champion is defeated he must roll 2D6 and suffers from an affect on the following chart.
1-6: Flesh wound! The model is fine to continue fighting in more matches.
7-10: Minor injury! The model can continue to fight but suffers -1 to Initiative.
11: Major injury! The model struggles in the arena and suffers a -1 penalty to strength and -2 to initiative.
12: The character dies. A new character must be rolled. All purchased wargear, upgrades, and USR's are lost.

Victory Conditions

    Each player must keep track of his Roar of the Crowd points at the end of each game. These are added up at the end of the league to determine your total arena score. The league will end at a pre-determined point as decided buy the league organizer. The player with the most Roar of the Crowd points at the end of the league wins. In the event of a tie, the two challengers involved must fight a final battle to see who get glory and who dies.

The following class list may not be completely balanced and may be changed from revision to revision. The current revision is a test and is still missing options for "classes" from several codex. This will be remedied swiftly in a future revision. Current options on list are all close to 100 points and some can be upgraded to their more powerful equivalents as listed in codex. Options tagged with * are being more heavily evaluated.

 -Space Marines:
--Techmarine (upgrade-able to a Master of the Forge for 25tps)

-Dark Angels:
--Company Master
--Chaplain (upgrade-able to a Interrogator-Chaplain for 30pts)

-Blood Angels:
--Chaplain (upgrade-able to a Reclusiarch for 40pts)

-Space Wolves:
--Wolf Lord
--Rune Priest
--Wolf Priest
--Wolf Guard Battle Leader

-Black Templar:
--Emperors Champion
--Master of Sanctity

-Grey Knights:
--Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
--Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
--Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

-Chaos Space Marines: (Gift of Mutation can not be used, the dark gods have abandoned you)
--Chaos Lord
--Dark Apostle

-Imperial Guard (Will probably die fighting anything else on this list.)
--Lord commissar
--Primaris Psyker
--Ministorum Priest
--Techpriest Enginseer

--Big Mek


-Dark Eldar
-- Succubus
--Haemonculus Ancient

--The Tau codex is currently not properly set up to fit this league but will be added as soon as next codex is out.

-Sisters of Battle:

Purchase Options!
The following section is additional options a champion can purchase outside of his normal codex options. The term Imperium refers to anyone fighting on the side of the Emperor be it Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, or Imperial Guard. The Term Chaos refers to Chaos Space Marines. Wargear can only be used by champions whose codex fits its rules and gear will be marked as such)

Special issue Wargear (Arena):
     This section adds weapons to each codex/armybook  that are either created by me or found in other GW rules related to 40K. (IE: Horus Heresy and Imperial Armour) Weapons must replace a piece of similar wargear. (IE: A weapon with the rule pistol can only replace another weapon with that rule or a weapon with the Melee rule can only replace another Melee weapon)

-Melee Weapons  (Format: Cost - Range - Strength -AP -Type)  
--Power Scythe ( 25pts - N/A - +1 - 2 -Melee, Unwieldy, Two-Handed, Sweep Attack (Chaos(Mark of Nurgle))
--Charnabal Sabre ( 10pts - N/A - As user - N/A - Melee, Rending, Duellist's Edge (Imperium/Chaos))
-Ranged Weapons (Format: Cost - Range - Strength -AP -Type)   
--Archaeotech pistol ( 00pts - 12" - 6 - 3 - Pistol, Master-Crafted (Imperium/Chaos))
--Plasma Blaster ( 25pts - 18" - 6 - 2 - Assault 2, Gets Hot! (Imperium/Chaos))

-Armour and other Wargear:
--Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour: Cataphractii Armour can be used on any model in place of standard Terminator Armour if said model has the option. Champions with this armour have the Slow and purposeful special rule instead of relentless special rule, but gain an invulnerable save of 4+. (5pts)((Imperium/Chaos)

--Combat and Boarding Shields: Combat and Boarding shields confer a 6+ invulnerable save that increases to 5+ in close combat/assaults. Not usable by terminators. (10 pts) (Space Marines (all chapters))

--Chem-Munitions: Flame weapons gain the Shred and Gets Hot! special rules. (Flamers, Hand Flamers, Heavy, Flamers, Combi-flamers) This upgrade is free for Chaos Space Marines of the Deathguard Legion. (Chaos(Mark of Nurgle))

Universal Special Rules:
     The following section contains USR's that you can buy for your character. Please keep in mind these apply towards your points value for points awarded when defeated. Only 2 USR's can be active at a time.

-Furious Charge (25 pts)
-Hatred (Pick one codex) (20pts)
-Hatred (Everything) (40 pts)
-Fleet (25 pts)
-Feel no pain (5+) (25 pts)
-Rage (25 pts)
-Preferred Enemy (Pick on codex) (20 pts)
-Move through Cover (5 pts)
-It will not die (50 pts)

Stat Upgrades:
The following section contains stat upgrades. Stats cannon be upgraded past 10. Please keep in mind these apply towards your points value for points awarded when defeated. Stat upgrades are expensive but permanent. Each skill can only be upgraded 1 time per champion!

+1 to Weapon skill (25 pts)
+1 to Ballistic skill (25 pts)
+1 to Strength (25 pts)
+1 to Toughness (25 pts)
+1 to Wounds (50 pts)

Other rules:
    Section refers to rules found on this list that aren't in a standard codex or the core rulebook.

-Sweep Attack: Rather than use their own attack value, a model using a weapon with this special rule may, if they wish, instead make a number of attacks equal to the number of models in base contact with them.

-Dualist's Edge: +1 to Initiative when in a challenges (All arena battles count as challenges)

Being a collage student and playing 40K

     Again I've gone a while without a real update on any projects or anything. Haven't done to much this week since the work on the Land Raider. I just thought I would take a moment to talk about how hard this hobby is to be a part of as a collage student in my early 20's working 2 part time jobs. I currently study various programming and networking type things at a local community collage that I can hardly afford to go to because getting financial aid is a pain. Not because the government but because the school seems to have its own whole layer of messy papers and bureaucracy to go through. While doing this I have my inglorious serving job at Apple Bee's and I make websites for my dads company. Throw in on top of that I'm engaged and trying to save up for the stuff that goes a long with all of that.

    When I see all that I think dang, I have hardly made a dollar lately that doesn't go to bills or something of the like. I have to save 5 bucks up here and there just to buy things for this hobby, and even then it may not happen. But it's not just 40K that's expensive, it's other hobbies to. When I do finally get a new kit or mini though I have to say, the feeling of owning it is a ton more gratifying then if I just had tons of money to spend on it. While expensive and small I know I worked to get it, which makes me feel pretty happy.

    I do however tend to try and find cheaper ways to enjoy the hobby. Whether its converting mini's or using cardboard to make terrain. I generally try to find the easiest and most cost efficient ways to enjoy a hobby I chose. Ebay also helps a lot in keeping cost down. Buying poorly painted and used mini's can be a lot more work when it comes to pulling paint off and redoing them, but with enough effort the result can be just as good as if you had bought it new.

     So I'm curious. Anyone else have similar stories? How do you save money to keep on your hobby? What's the best way to get started for new comers to the hobby? What is the meaning of life and the answer to the universe and everything? and why am I still asking dumb questions?!?

     So tonight I promise an update on some painting work on my deathwing, and the list I have using my current models.