Monday, April 29, 2013

Armour through the ages!

     Not a lot to report in this post, it's the calm after the convention now. Just thought I'd drop a quick update on these guys. The amount of painting projects I have is stacking up and I'm losing free time to so many things. Darn reality and all of it's nonsense...

     I only got the models primed and 2 painted though the MK-IV Marine still needs a bit more work. I' really liked these models, as they really stand out from my other troops. I'm thinking of using them as the squad leaders for tactical squads and stuff or as a unit of Sternguard Veterans with Boltguns. But who knows... 

The leader of the bunch in MK-1 Thunder Armour!
This guy is my favorite and I wish I could field an entire army
of Unification wars era troops... lol

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Friday and Saturday of Mage-Con!

     I goofed up a bit this last weekend with pictures of the con... I got so tied up in games I forgot to take pictues. It was a fun weekend though with lots of games being played and a special Star Wars theme so lots of starwars type games (X-wing and Star Wars miniature game). X-wing I haven't played yet but intent to get into it eventually. But one game at a time....

     For Warhammer 40K games this weekend I played one fun game on the Saturday of the con Dark Angels against Dark Angels in a 1500 point game with 5 objectives on the bored (big guns never tire) and won with 3 objectivs, first blood, and linebreaker. All DA with plasma on both sides and nobody rolled 'Gets Hot' once until the last turn. 

     One of the venders that was at the con had a large assortment of custom built terrain and old models for Warhammer fantasy and D&D (mainly WFB though) and while some of the High elf stuff was tempting what caught my eye was the 5 models in the above picture. The old armour through the ages set! They didn't have their pack backs but I had a few old style ones spare from a bitz bag I purchased a while back. Not sure yet what I will do with them but they will make a nice addition to my Imperial Fist.

     Now as I mentioned at the beginning of all of this it was a Star Wars theme to the con. X-wing being the new big game that it is had to be played, and one of the members of the gaming club I'm in found some awesome Deathstar trench scenario rules and with the help of another club member built the trench. The game had a lot more ships then normaly used and a lot of special rules so it took some time to play out with the 3v3 teams, but ultimately the rebels won! The person who shot the proton torpedo that killed the Deathstar? Porkins. Yes, the fat pilot who died in the movie was the hero of the story in our recreation! Also Darth Vader personally stopped by to help coordinate the defense of his fully operation battle station.

    I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures. It's hard to stop and do that when playing in a game and you get focused on the dice rolls. The 40K tournament went well though I didn't win all of my games I did tie for best sportsmanship! I'm apparently a nice person! lol

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mage-Con Spring!

     Lately I've been busy trying to build a good list for the Spring Mage-con, which is this weekend.. I don't have many tournies in my area so I take the few I get very seriously, and I really want to win a tournament just for the satisfaction of knowing I'm actually good at this game. or something... My list is very offensive and siege heavy instead of the normal devastator/Lascannon gun line I normally run. Everything has transports or the ability to deep strike, and I'm fielding 3 dreadnoughts. Sadly the 40K tourney isn't until Sunday, so in the meantime I will probably be posting up about normal games that cross my path!

     Tonight though I will be testing my high elves for the first time in a small 1000 point game. I want to increase the size of my army but am rather poor right now and still have a lot of painting to do on what I have. Also I don't want to invest in new units until I have my new army book in hand! My goal is to have my army usable by the next Mage-con, which is actually only  like 4 months away? I should also have my Dark Angels Deathwing list ready by then for the 40K tournament.

     Speaking of my DA I still haven't gotten in the Cataphractii I ordered for the Deathwing Knights. I need to do some sculpting on them to get DA iconography on the shoulders and what have you before I paint them. Will also probably prime and paint each individual piece separate. I want these guys to stand with my Termy Interrogator Chaplain as the centerpiece for my DA army.

Will update again soon! probably tonight with pictures of the afternoons events!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

High elf repeaters for the cheap.

     Wanted some High Elf repeater bolt throwers for cheap so I thought I would build my own loosely based on that of the Blood Elf Ballista's in world of warcraft. They're far from finished but it's a good start.

The frame for my war machines.

Adding the shield to the front!

Control C + control V

Taking shape and adding bolds to the thrower.

Adding the start of the details.

Filling in gaps with liquid green stuff.

a quick layer of primer and color to give me an idea of how it will look when do.
Going to make them a bit more ornate before fully painting them but it's a start!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Plastic HQ models and Eldar confirmed for June?

The Eldar Farseer blister.
     One of the new Eldar models from june was leaked! Plastic Farseers! Games Workshop seems to be making the more generic HQ options plastic blisters now, something I'm definitely down with. The names characters they do now in Finecast are very well done, though some of the models that we're older and switched from metal show their age. (I'm looking at you abbadon) The new plastic character blisters are also easier for converting, Seraphicus being an awesome example of this. Here's a list of the known ones for 40K that they've made since 6th edition...

Dark Angels:
     Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus (Dark Vengeance limited Edition)
Chaos Space Marines:
     Aspiring Champion
Chaos Daemons:
     Herald of Khorne
     Herald of Nurgle
     Herald of Slaanesh
Tau Empire:
     Cadre Fireblade

     Now I personally would like to see more of the non named HQ's use these kinds of blisters. I prefer plastic to resin because it's easier to work with, and in theory, cheaper. I would also like to see more of them per codex release but who knows. The only one that is a pain so far is Seraphicus, you can only get him on ebay. But the bits he has are worth it. So GW if you read this, Techmarine/Master of the Forge next please?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The armies of Silvermoon City.

     You'd think being unemployed I'd write more on here. It's been a fun last 2 weeks as far as 40K is concerned and lots I should have talked about and reported on. So allow me to go over the weeks events!
The first thing I want to mention is fighting the Tau in 6th edition. My friend (and soon cousin by marriage?) decided he wanted to give 40K a try and has started a Tau army based on my advice and the look of them. I recommended them because by the time he got his battle force and two fire warrior squads build the new rule book would be out to great him.

     So for those wondering how they handle, we played 2 games of them with old codex before testing knew one so we could learn the improvements. Then in the game we played for our campaign battle he tabled me. I would have one had the game ended on turn 6 but it went on to a turn 7 and I lost all 3 objectives and my last few marines to his Fire Warriors. In a 1000 point game they are easily the better army as far as firepower is concerned and Cadre Fireblade is definitely worth the extra 60 points as your HQ or second HQ to add to a squad. Allowing Fire Warriors he's attached to, to shoot twice if they don't move is deadly. With gun drones and him in the squad that's 60 shots rapid fire or 26 shots at 30 inches at S5 AP5. Not to shabby.

     Then as of Tuesday I started working on my fantasy army again! I'm now up to 1000 points with the addition of my archers who will serve as my Silvermoon Rangers! Also used some bits to make the mage from the starter set look more like a mage of Silvermoon and he shall reprisent Grand Magister Rommath!

My rangers all built!

 Forces of Silvermoon assembled for war!!!

 and to finish, I painted Magister Rommath
     My next goal is to find a good figure for Lor'themar Theron. Anyone have an idea's?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tau Codex!

    For the record, I don't play Tau. My friend (Who also happens to be my fiancee's cousin) just started 40K and plays Tau. So I've spent the last 2 days updating the army list in battle scribe to fit the new codex. Then realized it would be easier to start from scratch and just make a whole new army list in the catalog editor. By the end of the week it should be postable on here for those who want it as well.

    I have to say though I'm impressed by this codex. All of the new abilities for me as a marine player make the prospect of playing them rather daunting. They aren't a push over army in this new book at all. While they still have their 1 weakness of assaults, they have things like supporting fire making assaults more risk for charging. Heck, even the vehicles can take an upgrade to get "Supporting fire" and Overwatch abilities. We plan to fully test the new rules, hopefully today and I will post a full report on how they play from my perspective as a space marine player.

     Also going to be posting the scenario idea's for the campaign sometime here soon. Needed to add some extra craziness and free for all missions.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Terrain! Make some!

     Between my current lack of a full time job, and the cost of day to day living, I can't afford GW terrain or to make a nice table. But that's okay, I have bits and cardboard. So I made some!

 wrecked rhino!

 The other side!

 Some color. Base needs some flattening...
 Blood angels! I normally hate on ultra smurfs but I don't
have enough blue paint.

 Card board buildings using boxes!

My "table" all set up. A classroom size marker board
flipped on it's back.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A campaign update as turn 1 draws to a close! (finally!)

     Week 7 came to an end this last Sunday, and with this coming Sunday being the final week of turn 1, It's time to start looking towards turn 2. Late on the 14th or early on the 15th I will be posting with the campaign turn 2 challanges, score totals, the mystery hex scenario's, and much more! at a about 2 months a turn it will take us roughly a year to do this. Feel like I'm forgetting to update something...

Players and score post!
Army / / Player / / Grand Warlord Trait / / Conquest Points
Crusade of Fire: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Imperial Fist (Me) / / Bane of tyrants (Necrons 2) / / 0pts
-Black Templar / /  Bane of tyrants (Thousand Suns) / / 0pts
-Flesh Tearers / /  Great Hunter / / 0pts
-Dark Angels / / Great Hunter / / 0pts

Servants of Ruin: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Thousand Suns / / Relentless Assault / / 0 pts
-Death Guard / / Slayer of Men / / 10pts
-Chaos Marines / /  Slayer of Men / / 5pts

Prophets of War: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Necrons 1 / /  Trophy Hunter / / 5pts
-Necrons 2/ /  Slayer of Men / / 5pts
-Orks / /  Slayer of men / / 5pts

Ordo Malleus: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Grey Knights 1 / /  Sworn Enemy (Death Guard) / / 0pts
-Grey Knights 2 / /  Master of the Crusade / / 0pts

Challanger / / Defender / / Planet
Thousand Suns / / Necrons 2 / / Yeth                                      (Resolved-Thousand Suns Victory)
Flesh Tearers / / Necrons 2 / / Corvus Majoris                                 (Resolved Necron 2 Victory)
Flesh Tearers / / Orks/ / Corvus Majoris                                        (Resolved-Game was a Draw)
Flesh Tearers / / Chaos Marines / / Junkatta                                 (Resolved-Flesh Terror Victory)
Orks / / Thousand Suns / / Corvus Majoris-Yeth                     (Resolved-Thousand Suns Victory)
Grey Knights 1 / / Death Guard / / Corvus Majoris
Imperial Fist / / Death Guard / / Alfrost                                        (Resolved-Imperial Fist Victory)
Imperial Fist / / Necrons 2 / / Alfrost                                           (Resolved-Necron 2 Victory)
Imperial Fist / / Orks/ / Alfrost                                                     (Resolved-Imperial Fist Victory)
Grey Knights 2/ / Death Guard / / Junkatta
Dark Angels / / Orks / / Corvus Majoris                                                                                       
Dark Angels / / Grey Knights 2 / / Junkatta                                
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 2/ / Corvus Majoris                                                                            
Necrons 1 / / Black Templar / / Junkatta
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 1 / / Junkatta                                     (Resolved-Necron Victory)       
Death Guard / / Necrons 2 / / ???
Black Templar / / Thousand Suns / / Junkatta                          (Resolved-Black Templar Victory) 

    Off the top of my head I don't actually remember who all won what matches but as far as I know only one challange is left between the Death Guard and Grey Knights 2 players.======================================

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The longest month ever.

     I keep telling myself I'm going to post more, I really do. But then life happens. I lost my job this week so that was kind of crummy. I still have some part time contract work but that will only get me to the next job and as far as bills go that really hit me rather hard. My hobby funds went out the window to which made me sad because I need money for my high elves next month. Hoping for some good luck soon but with no job and about a thousand dollars worth of repairs on my truck, It's gonna be a long month ahead. Hopefully not as long as the last one. May the Emperor help me through these trying and trivial times of bills and chaos...

In other news, meet "Spare Parts" Jim! My Tau companion I made out of spare bits my friend had when he started his Tau army last week! I used him to help my friend test a color scheme, he tried to add yellow to see how it would look. It was his first time ever picking up a brush....