Saturday, May 25, 2013

High Elves and Fantasy

     So I own a High Elf army and according to the new rulebook (which is awesome) I have safely 1500 points. Sadly I don't have the core rulebook for fantasy and therefore have no idea what is going on. The PDF of it I have is horribly scanned and I kind of wish someone would have made a digital copy of the pocket version that would fit nicely on my tablet but alas. So today I'm trying to figure it out as best I can and paint my models so tomorrow I can try it out when I go to my friends house. I like High Elves and I like I can use them to fit my enthusiasm for Warcraft as well.

     I also would like to talk about my game project I started early for school. Terrain is coming on well but I did make a few changes to how I wanted the game to start. I decided the best way to tell a story in a game for the Deathwatch is to show the character before he gets inducted into the deathwatch and go from there. Give people a visual of the whole process. I'm also trying to avoid using Orks or Chaos in this game as Relic (who's made damn awesome games) has covered that to death. Dark Eldar and Tau might be good antagonist, though Tau will be harder to put a negative light on.

    And just to mention it, I know everyone already knows, dat Eldar Wraithknight is huge.... Just sayin.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A post overdue.... Khorne Berserkers build! but not painted.

     A bit of an overdue post on the progress of my Berserkers for my World Eaters. I have them all build at this point and just need to prime and paint them. This is the task I've been dreading though. 24 Berserkers, 3 of which are modeled to be champions though only 1 guy has a power weapon as he's the main one. Depending the size of the game they will be run in squads of 8-10. I need to get a Spartan Assault tank for this army to use in larger games. 295 points for a vehicle that's better then a Land Raider and has a capacity of 25 models. Fill it with 20 Berserkers and let them drive across the field and go crazy! That's the idea anyone. If you want to know more about the Spartan Assault Tank you can find rules for it in Imperial Armour 12 - Tje Fall of Orpheaus.

     The main Champion for when the group functions as a squad of 20. The Terminator Lord power-axe was converted onto a chainsword arm with a lot of work to make sure it wouldn't break off. A whole was drilled through the hand then the handle of the axe fit into the hole with glue to keep it their. The power cable was kept and glued in place under the shoulder pad. Then to get the pose I cut the edge of the upper leg off and rotated it forward and up so when the lower leg bit was put on it would have him standing on the Ultramarine Sargent. Ultramarine parts litter the bases of these dudes.

Champion and all the bits of sprue and sorted. It's a
daunting task at this point.

Assembly time!

Half way!
     At this point I'd like to say the Berserker models while cool looking are old. They look like they we're designed around third edition and haven't changed. The backpacks don't even fit on the bodies because they were meant for the older chaos models from years long past. So cutting the little nub off the backpacks normaly sit over on all the guys was a pain. Also the helmets don't always fit on with the shoulders and arm poses repeat a lot. GW needs to redo this kit soon! It's falling behind! Anyways....

     The army all assembled. The Hellbrute sticks out being from a different legion and all but it's okay. He still looks awesome. These guys really need transports though as they really didn't do to well in the test game with just rhino's. Though Tau weren't a good army to test against without assault vehicles either... oh well. I'm  learning.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A lot to update!

     Busy week this week but yesterday and today has been fun none the less. I have the High Elves army book finally courtesy of my friend who wanted me to pay him back. Now this is my first army book for fantasy and the only fantasy book I own. (I don't even have core rulebook) So I will talk about it as soon as a read it more but won't understand half of it. sadly... But hey! this weekend I can learn maybe!

     The paying back of my friend ended up being a favor as he asked me to paint his Riptide, and how could I say no to such an offer? This thing is just plain awesome so of course I "reluctantly" agreed, lol. His Tau that he has painted are all far sight enclave and he wanted to focus on painting his crisis suits but even after a few months with his Tau has been having trouble figuring out the paint schemes. Last night we figured it out a bit more and had some awesome work to show for it. The biggest change was making all the mechanical area's leadbelcher instead of leaving them black. No idea why but this really helped the model out.

    The model isn't quite finished though and needs some touching up and some transfer stickers here and there but overall I'm quite happy with the progress I've made on it and look forward to my friend seeing the finished product tomorrow when we play X-wing.

     Finally and most exciting of all I got my Berserkers in! With this guys I now have the troop choices I need to play my world eaters. How competitive this list will be I have no idea, I made it around being fluffy and fun. So later I will have some pics of those assembled probably! Until then! peace out!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Game design early modeling work.

    So yesterday I mentioned I was starting on a project I plan to use for school since I won't to finish my game design degree. Apart from working on the Game Design document and writing segments of back ground story and other relevant notes I started doing some modeling. Most of the modeling I'm doing right now is for the first mission and takes place on an Imperium ship. A lot of modular corridor and hallway sections made into a kit similar in design to the ones Bethesda uses on Elder Scrolls or Fallout. That way I can easily build large amounts of the level with little effort and just add bits of scenery and boxes to change things up.

Imperial Aquila! Figured I be putting this in a lot of places
so I might as well model it first.

A early model of the Corridor segments. The catwalks
that run through these maintenance ways are separate
pieces of terrain.

Just for fun I tried to do a MK3 Iron Armour Helmet.
Turned out really bad though, front is to long and back
to short. Will restart that later once general level assets
are done.
     So as you can see progress is coming slowly. I want to finish the level's basic design before I start trying to bring characters in and add other things to it. The story will take me some effort to finalize as I'm not the best writer and don't have access to someone from black library. But should have a decent Idea of what I want to have happen with that here soon. Now hopefully today my Berserkers come....

Friday, May 17, 2013

Game Design and Warhammer 40,000

     As I may or may not have mentioned before, I spent almost 2 years going to school for Game Design, specifically for programming. While I did this I spent a lot of time working in the unreal engine. It's easy to work with and very user friendly especially for first/third person shooters. This fall I intend to return and finish my degree in Game Design and in order to pass the final class I have to make a functional game, or at least a level. UDK being a very shooter oriented game and easy to use I decided to make a game based on 40K and start this project now. This will give me a lot of time for polish and feedback on my project so I can guarentee an A for myself.

     Another reason for this is I felt Space Marines was an awesome video game and while replicating it's game play won't be easy it gives me a good base and idea of what I want my game to be like. Space Marines had awesome game play and fantastic multiplayer but I felt like the story was lacking. Titus was and Sardonis were both good characters but the whole thing wasn't canon and that will bug me to no end. I feel like a game over the Deathwatch makes a lot more sense for running around as 1 guy alone or in a squad and gives a lot more creative freedom as to story and character development.

     So apart from being a 3rd person shooter and the being focused on the Deathwatch, what will this game have to make it "fun". Not to solid of an idea yet. Missions and story will generally start out with the player being in a Thunderhawk or on a Battle-barge picking weapons and setting up wargear before landing or getting in a drop pod and launching towards the objective. The main character who I will go over in a later blog post will be an Imperial Fist marine as I favor them. Team mates will be a Space Wolf and a Dark Angel. the 3 will also be assisted by various others through out the missions. Each mission will be its own little story (if I get around to making more then one), and will focus on Xenos threats or Chaos groups left out in games. Fighting Black Legion is boring.

     Right now I'm getting some simple environment kits made so I can quickly build large portions of a level without having to make new special assets for every other hallway and corridor. Then I will start working on characters and getting them in the engine. Later I will be posting some of the level assets and maybe a bit more on the story. From right now, I have a year to finish this project, and I want to spend most of that time polishing it and making it awesome. As far as eventually releasing it? No idea if they'd let me, lol.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Khorne Raptors!

     Okay, so progress report before I go sit in bed and play Blood Dragon. Finished my raptor squad tonight with only one more guy needing his transfer sticker! I can't stress enough how much trim these guys and the chosen have to paint. It's crazy ridiculous and I dare say the chosen might be worse. I guess tomorrow I'll test that theory... 

The finished squad prepared to kill the smirfs!

Another shot of the full squad with some iconography
showing on their shoulders. Also a sad Ultramarine in
the back ground.

Finally! the chosen. Boring Dark Vengeance Chosen.
I have a whole nother set of DV chaos on the way and
the idea of painting all 12 of them kind of hurts my brain.

     All in all this army is coming together fast and this weekend with the other set of DV chaos stuff and 2 boxes of Khorne Berserkers to fill in troop slots. I need to start looking into non-infantry things. There is currently 3 things I want to add to this army. One, A Decimator Daemon Engine because it looks awesome.
Two, FW's Angron model to run as a daemon prince in larger point games because I want an excuse to own that model. Three, 2 squads of chaos Havocs with autocannons to provide supporting fire to the other dudes. I know I should probably get some rhino's and possable a land raider to. But 40K armies always need new toys! They never stop growing! 

X-wing! Brought to you by the letter Y (-wing)

     A quick little post to take a break from my painting. Here is a game of X-wing I played with my friend as we tried to figure out the rules. The first game used the quickstart guide and I lost horribly with my 2 little X-wings. So after that game going south for me in the next game we decided to try full rules. This changed 2 things. One, we actually calculated points cost. Two, it gave me an opportunity to use Y-wings. While Y-wings are slow and will take hits they can take a lot of hits. This won me the second game with the help of a asteroid trying to hug a passing tie-fighter. My friend has since ordered a Slave 1 and I pre-ordered some B-wings. We hope to make this game a part of our weekly routine.

     In other news Deadzone kickstarter still has like 17 days left and if they get to 500K they will add Forgefathers (Squats/Space Dwarves) and Asterians (Space Elves) to the game in the form of an expansion. Kind of looking forward to finally getting this come December and letting my rebels run through the streets.

Now back to painting...

More blood and skulls and stuff....

     Hello! Tonight I've decided a few things. First, every post pertaining to an army will have the top image and the Thumbnail for blog rolls be the heraldy of the army being discussed. It helps me pretend I'm organized. Second, I bought a chaos lord in terminator armour as I needed someone to lead my army of genocidal blood thirst angry guys into battle. I didn't intend to buy him yet but my friend kept tempting me when we we're in the shop. The captain of this specific warband probably needs a name but I will give him one later.

     For armaments apart from the obvious terminator armour I used arms from Cataphractii because Cataphractii armour is awesome. It also sparks images of rome and gladiators and makes the armour more reminiscent of Angron's armour on the Forgeworld model. He has to of the artifat weapons. One is the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, just in case he gets cold. Two is the Axe of Blind Fury, because nothing says Khorne like an axe of blood and rage! I figure he's going to be getting up close with the squad of Chosen I'm making to accompany him, why give him a boltgun.

The leader in all of his angry glory!

Capy and the raptors I've been slowly working on.
I did get another tonight but waiting for tomorrow to
post more pictures.

The Champion for my raptor squad. A true champion of
khorne, covered in blood with a dead Ultra-smurf at his
feet. My prejudice of Roboat Girlyman and his legion 

     I haven't finished my deathwing knights do to a lack of money and glue. I didn't know I needed more superglue until I came home and realized my new container had gotten lost somehow... oh well.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Deadzone Kickstarter and Khrone Berserkers.

     Will be a few more hours before a painting update as I just got home and settled fulled to finish up some of my models! But first a post... Today my friend and I ordered some mini's off of the Interwebs. First an order on Spikeybits for some stuff for his Tau and being the awesome friend that he is he got me 2 sets of Khorne Berserkers!  One box of them for a late birthday present and another for some computer work I intend to do for him. So next week I get to see how long it will take me to paint 24 psycho murder. To help with the occasion I bought some red primer so I don't have to spend to much time putting on the base layer of red. Thank the emperor for that. This along with a purchase of another chaos half of a DV starter set will give me 2 hellbrutes, 2 chaos lords, 12 chose, 20 cultist, 24 khorne berserkers, and 5 raptors. So far I've spent 60 bucks on this army.

     Second thing we purchased was Deadzone from it's awesome kickstarter! I get the terrain and the rebels and he gets everything else was the deal. I only want the one army and being the one of the two of us with the space and pre existing gaming table I wanted the terrain for when we played 40K as well as Deadzone. The scenery sprues themselves are very awesome and I think Mantic will sell a lot of them once they are out to general public. I know I will probably buy more myself! My reason for choosing the rebals out of the 4 armies we are getting is I don't want to start another game just to play as an army in power armour esque soldiers. Also I want a female commander, I won't lie...

Now back to painting!

Neverwinter and Dark Angels.

     Been distracted from my tabletop gaming by a new ish but still in beta MMO called Neverwinter which is based on D&D 4th ed kind of from what I can tell. Very good mmo and a nice change of pace from the combat system in wow. I've been playing for a week and already level 29! Though I don't think I should be proud of the time investment... Still a good game though! If you like MMORPG's but need something a bit different from WoW/ToR it's worth a shot and free! This week I may do a more in depth review of the game but I want to Review Farcry 3: Blood Dragon first.

     Today I didn't get much work on my models done with mothers day but I did get a game in against Dark Angels with my Imperial Fist against a newer player. The game type was for kill points, hammer and anvil deployment, and it was a 1500 point game. This DA army was run with every plasma gun it could possibley take to the point of craziness but it did help my opponent tear my tactical squads apart. I did win out in the end though because he only had a lass cannon and a rocket launcher that could hurt my Land Raider and marine with Las cannon got killed by my Ironclad turn one. This gave my Land Raider Redeemer free rain to drive around and torch his tactical squads with flamestorm cannon, a weapon I've become very fond of.

     Putting the older 5th ed codex against the newer 6th edition ones did have some drawbacks though. His squads we're cheaper by 10-30 points, especially the devastators he had. The lower general troop cost allowed him to take plasma pistols, guns, and cannons on any unit that could Sadly this only make them useful against light mech power armour list... but oh well, fluff armies are fun. Hence my world eaters will have a lot of pointless chain axes.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chaos Space Marine Raptors (part 1)

      I've wanted to make a Chaos Space Marine army since day 1 of this hobby and I finally kind of started that with the Hellbrute. Well with my birthday now past I purchased some Chaos Chosen off of ebay and I bought the new raptor/warptalon box from my local comic shop. What Legion has always been a tough question. Ironwarriors are just awesome, black legion is most evil, Death gurad have friggen scythes, and World eaters will jump up and down on your face with sharp sticks. I finally decided on mixing and matching but the bulk of my special units (chosen, raptors, berserkers) are all being done as World Eaters. They will also get a Chaos Lord in termy armour and a hellbrute here soon but not yet. Most other things will be Iron warriors (vehicles, daemon engines, Havoc and marines squads).

     The heavy focus on World Eaters is I want an Assault army now that I have a balanced and shooty power armour army and I want to use chain axes. I friggen love chain axes.

The squad mostly assembled for painting. The army I
used for testing the paint scheme can be seen at the bottom.

The first mostly painted raptor for fully testing color

and here he is all finished. Just needs touching up and
the base worked on.

tomorrow I will try and tie up the cataphractii project....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Star Wars X-wing

My ships!

     It's my birthday today and I finally decided to get myself X-wing to celebrate! huzzah! I now intend to post about this a bit more as well since it is the first non Warhammer table-top game I will be playing. Now to get some more ships.... I want to order some A-wings but the game is very popular and they are sold out everywhere. It's a shame as I'd throw some money at them right now for a squad of A-wings or B-wings when they make them....

Friday, May 3, 2013

Making my Deathwing Knights (Part 1)

     I finally got in my Cataphractii armour for my Deathwing Knights. So without further ado! Part 1 of my adventure to make them.

Shields all mounted to Cataphractii arms and bitz primed.
One shield was painted to test color scheme.

The models themselves put together and primed. Some
parts are left off until after painting so I didn't have any
hard to reach area's.

Getting color on the Knight Master to get an idea of
how they all will look when done!

Knight Master finished and 4 normal knights to go...
A lot of details on these guys and the resin models have
many hard to reach places...
to be continued...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playing the Tau in 6th Edtion.

     One of the thins I've had the pleasure of doing recently is playing Tau a lot against my friend who is new to the hobby. As he is still learning It's a lot easier for me to win as I know the rules better and can strategize better. The Tau army is very powerful in shooting and has a lot more forgiveness then it used to but still requires some finesse to play.

     Their shooting is unmatched and assaults are the only way to go. Land Raiders, Storm Ravens, and Dreadnought drop pods become your friend as they allow units to assault out of the vehicle. Something you need against Tau or they will never make it across the field. And even then their is always over watch fire. Tau overwatch might as well be a whole nother normal shooting phase with units giving supporting fire and some getting BS-5 thanks to upgrade. But without the overwhelming overwatch they would stand no chance as 2-3 khorne berserkers could destroy the unit so not many have to survive overwatch.

     One of the post I will have to write an indepth review of my full thoughts on the Tau army and how to play them and play against them. But so little time....